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There's no secret we travel for food. We actually look and book places to visit with food in mind most of the time. To experience a new country through their food is probably the fastest and best tasting way to get to know history, culture and people.

We love to eat! Sometimes we forget to take notes, blown away by the moment. Maybe that's why we have like tons of restaurant reviews to write. But we're working on becoming better restaurant reviewers and learn all the time.

Hope you enjoy them! If you have a restaurant and want an honest review, let us know!

Our Restaurant Reviews

Jay Fai, Bangkok - One Star Michelin Streetfood in Bangkok, Thailand.

Raan JAY FAI Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to experience a Streetfood in Bangkok that are beyond just good - Jay Fai is the place to go! With the One Star Guide Michelin or not her fantastic Streetfood is magical!

Sticks and Spoons visited in april 2017 before she get rewarded with the famous Michelinstar and all we can say is that it was well earned! And we really want to revisit this iconic Queen of Streetfood!

Chef Arwen Chau from Koizen Omakase Room, Gothenburg, Sweden

Koizen Gotenburgh, Sweden

For the true Sashimi and Sushi Enthusiast this little Omakase Room on Aschbergsgatan in Gothenburg is a must-visit! Chef Arven Chau have worked under a Master and took a giant step opening his own place when returning to Sweden.

And for that we are truly thankful because this place has all the things you want as a Foodie!

Tasting Menu "The Journey" at Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin, Bangkok, Thailand was an exceptional dining experience. A Tasting Menu with a deeper meaning and a red thred through the food in the menu that we loved.

Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin  Bangkok, Thailand

Danish Chef Henrik Yde Andersen's worldwide known concept Kiin-Kiin moved abroad to Thailand and Bangkok landing in the Kempinski Hotel at Siam.

The tasting menu "The Journey" was a fantastic experience and we enjoyed every dish. This is our review from Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin.

Restaurant Colonel in Brussel, Belgium is a carnivoran paradise with meat from all over the world! High quality and premium cuts for the gourmet and gourmand.

Colonel Bruxells, Belgium

The restaurant Colonel is truly a carnivoran paradise with high-quality cuts and premium meat from all over the world and regional charcuterie.

It could be one of our more expensive lunches up to date but a very special one thanks to the quality of the meat and the environment with the open kitchen and good service.   


Restaurant Onyx in Budapest, Hungary was Sticks first two starred Michelin Restaurant - and they really surprised us with excellent service and great food!

Two Tasting Menus on Onyx; "Within Our Borders" and "Beyond Our Borders" became one and we could enjoy them with a special designed Beverage Package. 

Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine, a Roller Coaster of tastes, texture and aroma in Bangkok! Gaggan is number one in Asia and we totally agree.

Gaggan Bangkok, Thailand

Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine was a Roller Coaster of tastes, textures and aromas! The choose free but very professional service with a highly executed cuisine made this Dining Experience very special. Eating 25 dishes - all of them cooked with a certain story behind the dish and reason to serve it in a special way was a thrill!

Restaurant PASTE in Bangkok, Thailand is run by Chef Bee Satongun. It's a beautiful food journey through Thai Cuisine and Heirloom dishes with a lot of Traditional Thai Food but in exiting and thought-through Food presentations.

Paste Bangkok, Thailand

The Traditional Cuisine of Thailand is brought to a modern and fresh experience by Chef Bee Satongun and her kitchen team. We wanted to eat everything on the menu - all sounded so delicious!

We ended up with some of the top dishes on the menu and had a great time even if the service were a little more "stiff" compared with other dining experiences in Bangkok.

Progressive, Modern and Innovative Thai Cuisine at 80/20 - Eighty Twenty, Bangkok.

80/20 Eighty Twenty Bangkok, Thailand

The devoted Team at 80/20 in Bangkok gave us a memorable evening with one of the most progressive takes on Modern and Innovative Thai Cuisines we have Experienced!

The 9-course Winter Menu delivered both daring and familiar tastes together with a perfect service and this is our review from our visit! Enjoy!. 

One of our favorite Ramen places in Gothenburg, Sweden. Home-made noodles and great Ramendishes on the menu.

Ramen-Ya Gotenburgh, Sweden

Ramen-Ya is a small and cosy restaurant near Linnéplatsen in Gotenburgh that have great tasting Ramen - which they do in the restaurant of course.

We go there now and then when our craving for Ramen becomes to hard to handle...and it's quite often!

Shinsen Fishmarket in Bangkok is a well known place for Food Lovers and Foodies from all over the world.

Shinsen Fish Market Bangkok, Thailand

One of our got-to-go places when planning our Thailand Trip was Shinsen Fishmarket in Bangkok. We had big expectations.

However, the Sushi Restaurant at Shinsen didn't deliver all through our visit. There was both highs and lows and here you can read our review.

A beautiful marrige between Nordic Cuisine and Asian Food Trend and fusion cooking. Great Tasting Menu and Dining Experence at Happolati, Oslo in Norway.

Happolati Oslo, Norway

On a Solo-Travel to celebrate Norway's Constitution Day, Spoons "stumbled" upon Happolati. Happolati is an Asian - Nordic Fusion Love Story that delivered a fantastic Tasting Menu!

It was a perfect way to Celebrate and also, a perfect time to test to eat whale - but to be honest; it will be the one and only time as well. However, Happolati Restaurant Review is mouthwatering!  

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Do you want to get Travel Tips on where to travel in 2019? Find Travel Inspiration from these Travel Bloggers sharing their best tips on destination worth travelling in 2019 and beyond.

Where's Your Next Destination? Want some Travel Tips from experienced Travelers and Globetrotters? Great! We simply asked old and new Travelling Friends about it in the questions "Where would you suggest other travellers to go in 2019 and why?"

And here you can read what they thought about "Where to Travel in 2019"! Safe Travels - Stay Awesome!

Travelling Smart - Travel Products Guide

Travel Products Guide Travelling Smart Edition

At Sticks & Spoons Food & Travel we constantly look after Travel Products, Travel Accessories and Travel Gadgets making our Travels together smoother and more enjoyable.

So we decided to make a series of blog posts about this called Travel Products Guide under the "Travel"  cathegory in our Food and Travel Blog. First out is "Travelling Smart"!

Do you love to readabout Travels? Here is an extended list of Travel Books, Travel Guides and Travel Literature to help you Travel Plan foryour next destination!

We love to read Travel Guides, Destination Guides and City Guides mixed up with some coffee table sized-inspirational-photobooks from Travel Photographers and read books on Travel from devoted, experienced and crazy Travel Writers! This is our ultimate guide to all those books we love! And also to a service we really dig, being the most environment-friendly way to store your books! 

Where is Your Next Destination?

Street Art Guides

Follow Sticks & Spoons to Budapest and discover the city of Budapests most famous Street Art and Murals. Budapest is a city filled with art and history so if you are into the Arts of the Street this City Guide will give you a lot of sightseeing tips!

Sticks & Spoons visited Budapest in Hungary back in 2018 and was mindblowned with all the amazing Art of the Street we found! In just three days we became obsessed with finding more - and found it! Who would have knowned that after Spoons disappointing morning walk?


Spoons have visited a second time with even more Street Art found...and some Street Art lost as well.

Chef Spoons admiring Chef Jay Fai in Bangkok

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