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 Food Escapades at 80/20, Bangkok

Enjoying An Evening with the Explorers of New Thai Cuisine

With just another day left on our second trip together to Thailand as Sticks & Spoons Food Travel, we wanted the evening to be special.


We're frequently readers of BK Magazine and their short review of 80/20 was all we needed to decide for our last dinner in our beloved Bangkok this time!


This is Sticks & Spoons review of 80/20!


We read that 80/20 recently re-launched with a new dining concept, offering a set 9-course menu signed by the couple of Head Chef Napol "Joe" Jantraget and Pastry Chef Saki Hoshino. Also, the hints in the reviews we read that 80/20 was embracing the trend of using locally produced ingredients, taking inspiration from older recipes, and making modern twists on traditional Thai Cuisine but pushing the kitchen firmly and progressively forward; made our decision easy.


We arrived at the second seating this Thursday evening and took our place at the Kitchen Counter with a full view of the kitchen. We just love that! Why don't more establishments offer Kitchen Counter seatings or Kitchen Tables? Or Common Tables?

We haven't seen a lot of those anywhere actually.


The interior of the restaurant is beautiful with a clean, industrial-kinda-look in the details. Just inside the door; you are welcomed by a Pantry packed with glass jars (containing "Chef Secrets"?) and an inviting small Lounge in front of the Bar.


But when entering the Dining Room you can't ignore that the Kitchen is the natural magnet of the room.

The Kitchen Counter takes up half of the room; a restaurant design right up our alley as we think that with all great restaurants comes a strong focus on the food concept and letting the kitchen be the beating heart!


Your eyes focus on the kitchen is only "interrupted" by some lovely murals painted in an "old school" way and the wall that has been partly torn down with an Arrangé in the middle. We love the interior and design.


The Progressive New Thai Cuisine at 80/20

We quickly ordered two cocktails from the ambitious bar for 340 Baht each; FON (rain); Grandma Jinn, Pandan, Coconut, Hoarfrost Oolong, Palm Sugar, and SOD (fresh); Peroni Lager, Chalawan IPA, Watermelon, Pineapple, Palm Sugar and Lime.


Two Signature Cocktails that built up our expectations smoothly.


The set 9-course Menu priced at 3000 Baht are changed at least once a month with just some of the Signature Dishes outlasting the innovative brains of Chef Jantraget, Pastry Chef Hoshino and their additional 8 cook strong Team in the kitchen. To the menu we took the 5 glass Wine Pairing for 1400 Baht (there's also a 7 glass Wine Pairing for 1800 Baht).


The focus on Food is traditional tastes, sustainability and ingredients by season like so many other trendy Bangkok Restaurants right now - but it's with the progressive style and thinking in tastes and textures that the kitchen at 80/20 really take flight!


The menu begin with some tasty Snacks - three of them - arriving quickly one after the other with professional presentations from the Kitchen Team of 80/20. 


"Chili Roulette" - can you spot the two that are "fake"?

"Chili Roulette" was fun! Two "fake chili's" in a bowl of real ones; one of them really hot and spicy, the other one more aromatic with soothing and refreshing accompanies served in shot glasses on the side.


Goat Tartare and Fermented Rice Coconut Crêpe

The Goat Tartare was an interesting combination of flavors we never experienced before! The fermented rice and coconut crêpe is the Chef's version of Indian Palappam Pancake and works as a wrap for the powerfully curry-seasoned tartare. The tastes are surprisingly well combined and we could easily eat one more. Or two or three more likely!


A Bouquet of Seasonal Herbs and Greens


Curry Puff, Spicy Banana Blossom, Sweet Black Banana Sauce

Presented as being inspired by the iconic Curry Puff Stand further down the road this first dish became an instant favorite! And Chef had surely made a 2.0 version of the original one we suppose!


Do you know the feeling when you don't want to take the last bite simply because it will end the dish? Well, this is one of those dishes!


Spoons are not very fond of bananas in food at all but this dish was something else. Complex, extremely well-seasoned and just delicious from the first bite to the last one.


Spoons quote:"I surrender...serve me banana like this and I'll be a lifetime-banana-ambassador"!


Sticks was sure that this must be the best tasting curry puff she have eaten in her life so far. Period.


So; just truly an amazing dish!


Tiger Prawn Crudo, Winter Citrus Vinaigrette, Edible Sand, Edible Flowers

Another one of our favorite dishes at 80/20! The Tiger Prawn was challenging in its "chunky" rawness at first - Sticks would have liked it to be shredded in thin slices - but actually that might have been what made the dish according to Spoons. Chewing the Prawn released a respectful amount of Umami which together with the freshness of citrus and nuttyness of the crunch brought an elegant balance packed with flavours of the sea.


Head Chef Jantraget presents one of the mains. On the other Counter in the background; Pastry Chef Hoshino.


Lightly Steamed Crab, Slow-Poached Winter Melon, Winter Beans, Okra


Smoked Marble Goby, Fish Mousse, Fermented Coconut Cream, Pickled Kale Stems, Kale Crisp, Fried Betel Leaves


Grilled Oyster, Seepweed Butter, Pickled Blood Cockle, Spicy Black Garlic Glaze, Jicama, Cauliflower

The following three dishes are a display of both daring and well-known tastes.


We have some issues with the broth in the crab dish at first but it's more in the aroma then in the taste of the dish as a whole and together with the rich crab it's highly palatable.


The Smoked Marble Goby is delicious with the distinct smoke tones combined with the fermented coconut and spices.


The Oyster dish is not a favorite to Sticks, unfourtanly, but Spoons love the overwhelming ocean impressions.


Overall, the dishes are well performed and are interesting in both textures and tastes. There's an adventourus vibe around them; yet still something very recognizable and familiar about the tastes when you eat. Creative combinations that are inspiring.


"A Dream of Trang BBQ Pork" served with Sticky Rice Infused Seasonal Mushroom, Fermented Chili Sauce

Perfectly cooked pork is always great! And when thinking about it; this was the only crispy pork we eat this time in Bangkok - belive it or not! But when it's served like this - that's ok!


Our only objection could be that we wanted a larger serving of the delicious dish. The fermented chili sauce was to tell the truth; a little too spicy for our western palette to this kind of dish.


Don't get us wrong! We LOVE spicy chili sauce! But to the delicate seasoning on the Pork and the aromatic sticky rice, this potent, powerful chili sauce becomes superflous! However; we couldn't help eating the sauce after the pork with some of the rice and that was sufficiently to get that chili satisfaction granted! By itself, it's a fantastic sauce.

Smoked Duck Breast, Duck Sausages with Offals, served with Sungyod Rice Salad,

Preserved Vegetable, Duck Jus Infused Long Pepper Curry

This dish was a big reminder for Spoons that Long Pepper has an interesting and unique taste. "I haven't used it for years but the Duck Serving gave me some ideas"! The side salad was delicious and together with the perfectly cooked Duck Breast and the flavourful Sausage - the sauce bound the ingredients together, leaving you with this fantastic aftertaste of the powerful Long Pepper! Yum!


The Kitchen viewed from the Kitchen Counter


Wall Painting from a Local Artist


A Pantry full of Great Tastes


From the back of the Restaurant...


...and the Interiour from the other side


Design Detail


Modern and Abstract


Guava & Roselle


Duck Egg Custard, Roasted Pumpin, Compressed Pumpkin, Pumpkin Kombucha, Ganache, Praline


Chocolate Log, Powder, Jujube, Salted Egg Ice Cream, Aerated Chocolate

The Desserts are all very well executed with such a fine technique.


We loved the Pumpkin Dessert! The different textures and sensations of Pumpkin are intriguing. And we didn't think we should enjoy it so much as we did!


The tastes are just w-o-w and a dessert in our taste!


The Chocolate dish is all that we love about chocolate - but the hero in the dish is the Salted Egg Ice Cream! And of course, it's the Ice Cream binding it all together and giving the chocolate components the helpful salty tones to be just delicate! Well done!


A Satisfied and Happy Sticks


The Talented Team at 80/20

We had a great time at 80/20! The Food is exciting, innovative, and - what we think - one of the more progressive takes on the trend with using the Thai Cuisine heritage, flavours and old recipes in a new, modern way. Truly a Ride! And with all Good Rides you want to experience them again! So you guys; keep bringing it and we'll get back!

The service and professionalism all through the Team are impeccable and you can tell this is a devoted group, burning for great cooking and giving their guests a memorable evening - and it sure became one for us.


Thank you 80/20 from the hearts of Sticks & Spoons!


80/20 is a strong 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation!

If you want to discover a Modern and Innovative Thai Cuisine you definitely should check this restaurant out!

Visit the 80/20 Website or Make a Reservation.


Find 80/20 in Bangkok:

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