A Ramen place at Linnéplatsen with Traditional Homemade noodles 

Ramen is an all-time favorite in the Sticks & Spoons Headquarters! Ramen noodles is something we cook a lot at home and we have a special love for Ramen for a very special reason. It was over a better bowl of Ramen noodles our idea with Sticks & Spoons was born. Just in seconds it became significant with who we are which led to our nicknames, the fundamental way we look at cooking and what we would like to do with a restaurant concept. Your inspiration and sparks to creative ideas can come from most simple things and moments in life. Sometime just talking over a bowl of Ramen Noodle Soup - eating it with sticks and spoons.  


Enough of us! Let's have a look at Ramen!

Ramen is such a delicious, versatile dish and one of the most epic dishes that are associated with Japan and japanese cooking. The origin of Ramen though is said to be chinese and the noodle soup dish lā miàn. There's basically four kinds of Ramen; Shuyo with soy, tonkutsu with pork, shio with salt and miso. Combining those tastes with the broth or jwill bring you a perfect Ramen!

At Ramen-Ya you find homemade noodles in a traditional style. Staff is friendly and service-minded, helpfully guiding you through their menu giving you suggestions. The menu have 9 Ramen-dishes and our two favorites are; Hakata Ramen with pork broth, black garlic, slowly cooked and tender porkbelly called Chashu, bean sprouts, nitamago - the perfectly cooked egg and nori. The other favorite Ramen at Ramen-Ya is Tantanmen; also made with pork broth, sesame, chili, minced pork, tamago, pak choi, spring onion and nori. On the menu you can choose from several toppings, extras and sides. Steam bun with pork or beef is good and kimche as spicy as it should be. 

We love kind of spicy Ramen too and at Ramen-Ya your servings comes with a garlic press and fresh garlic cloves, chili and extras on the side so you can spice it up for your liking. That's great!

Ramen-Ya is a 3/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation.

Visit Ramen-Ya's site.

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