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Michelin-starred Heirlom and Traditional Thai Cuisine
Starters at Paste, Bangkok
Starters, Restaurant Past in Bangkok

We love eating at Michelin starred restaurants but we also experienced quiet a diverse approach to running Michelin Star Restaurants now and then - it's depending on the Chef we guess. This is just a theory. It's more likely to have a fun experience at a restaurant with a charismatic Chef then on an establishment with a hard-driven dito under pressure.


Now; we almost didn't know anything about Paste Chef Bee Satongun before our visit more then what we had read and heard. However, we like to make our own conclusions.


We visited Paste. on our last leg of our Thailand Trip and at this point we were almost spoiled with great and excellent restaurant experiences! Paste is a little bit "hard to find". You have to go into the Gaysorn building on 999 Planchit Road and go to the third floor.


An exclusively designed interior met us and we were seated on a big round table in the middle of the restaurant. We had a late reservation but the restaurant was quiet at this time of the week. Good! That's promising and usually means you will get more attention as a guest. We got a pretty insecure welcome though and it felt like the waiter wasn't used to serve two casually dressed people like us at all.


We wanted to taste everything on the menu actually and get as much influences from Chef Bee Satongun as possible so the big table was welcome!

After ordering "half-the-menu" the waiter lightened up a little but was still a little "stiff". What a contrast to the visit at Gaggan where service was so relaxed, fun yet impeccable in all ways when coming to service terms!

Starters and dishes started to arrive and it all looked great; fresh, modern and yet with a lot of recognizable tastes from traditional and heirloom Thai Cuisine! Wine suggestions was on point and we could easily find the "6th Ground Taste" on every plate - Love! We know; it's not even a "taste" yet it's crucial to make a ordinary dinner extraordinary and almost as hard as Umami to put a finger on. As a Chef and Waitress though (we hope you know who we are? Otherwise; Meet Jane & Fredrik) we have thought about it as a "Ground Taste" for a long time. There's something with the balance that unfolds in the depths of tastes, within the perfectly shaped ingredients and perfectly timed textures that pervasive the actual presentations. That's the closest description we've come up with yet on what we think is one of the most elemental of Ground Tastes. A lot of Chef Bee's food has this ingredient.

The dinner took "like forever"to finish and was one of the most severe Food Coma's until present day! We kind of stumbled back to our hotel and collapsed!

We really enjoyed the food - excellent! However; don't judge a book by it's cover. Two ordinary looking can be real Bon Vivants like us and we really would have enjoyed the evening a little more with a more relaxed service. And maybe a visit to the kitchen? Now we didn't take a Tasting Menu but with so little guests in the Dining Room it would have been nice to see and maybe have a chat with Bee?

Paste Bangkok is a 4/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation.

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