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Neapel is actually a place in Sweden called Lilla Napoli 

The Journey of genuine Neapolitan Pizza to a Hovel on a Parking Lot in Falkenberg

Lilla Napoli has a great logo, painted by one of the owners dad

In the small city of Falkenberg on the Swedish West Coast you can find a big gem for Pizza Lovers and especially those in love with genuine Neapolitan Pizza. Welcome to Lilla Napoli!


For the last years this hovel located on a parking lot have become a famous Foodie Spot with guests not only arriving from nearby Varberg, Halmstad or Gothenburg but also from other cities in Sweden and even abroad!


And after just one visit we surely understand why!


Because incredible so, this now famous Pizza place is one of few outside Italy to have a certificate allowing them to call their pizzas genuine Neapolitan!  The owners also have written a well reviewed cookbook about their dream to bake the best pizza - and pizzas here is like a dream comparing with other versions found all over Sweden!


A must-try is,of course, Margeritha with a lovely, deep tomato sauce and Lilla Napoli's own hand made Mozzarella - exeptional! Maybe might be one of the more simple pizzas but also "the original" and a true taste of Neapel.


A tip to visitors is to share pizzas which makes perfectly sense as you might end up wanting a taste or at least a slice of everything!

The magic starts with the characteristic and light dough of Neapolitan Pizza, the delicious, specially selected and fresh ingredients, but also the additional ingredient you really can taste in the pizzas here; the love Lilla Napoli put into the craft of Pizza-making.

If you love pizza this is a Foodie Spot you can't miss out. And what you don't want to miss at Lilla Napoli is the Dessert Pizza! May sound wierd but it's delicious and always leave a beautiful piece of Pizza Art when finished!

5/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation!

Visit Restaurant Lilla Napoli Site or Make a Reservation (both links are in swedish)

Find Lilla Napoli in Falkenberg:

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