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Colonel - A Carnevorian Paradise in Brussels, Belgium

Prime Cuts and Excellent Meat

Restaurant Colonel in Bruxells, Belgium was absolutely one of our top experiences when it comes to restaurants focusing on meat and prime cuts. Colonel's concept is clear - if you don't love meat then don't bother a visit!


Sticks & Spoons bought concert tickets to Bon Iver in february 2017 but unfourtanly the band cancelled. We had already made reservations for flights and hotel so the city trip was on anyway.

Bruxells is such a lovely city! There's so much to see and experience while sightseeing and many great places to eat. The most memorable restaurant was Colonel though - a lunch that became quiet expensive but was worth every Euro.

We started with a look in their Meat Counter - a true Paradise for a Carnevorian! Prime Cuts from Belgium, Poland, USA, Japan and many more locations. We decided to have an aged Entrecôte and a Waguy Beef. Back at the table we ordered the House's Cold Cuts - three absolutely delicious cuts of own produce in Belgium! And easily on the top 10 of best charcuterie we ever eaten. We were blown away by the deepths of taste, texture and smoothness! Just w-o-w!

The following Bone Marrow was tender and rich and the Main Course was accompanied by a selection of vegetables, jus and with a mature and perfectly matched red wine on the waiters recommendation. It was heaven in every bite!

After all this delicious, tasty meat we didn't want to ruin our experience with dessert. To end one of the more expensive lunches we have had so far ("meat" for like 120-140 euro/ pp) we couldn't go for anything else then just fine Cognac and coffee. And it was just perfect!


Hopefully you know the feeling - when you have that humble satisfaction of a perfect dinner experience and you're just thrilled to be alive!

Restaurant Colonel is a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation!

Visit Colonel site or Make a Reservation!

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