A visit to Shinsen Fishmarket in Bangkok

Some highlights but also some disappointing lows...

We had heard a lot about Shinsen Fish Market so our expectations were high. Unfourtanly, the lunch was quiet expensive and brought both highlights and really lows to the table.

Best dish at Shinsen Fishmarket was without doubt the Sushi and Sashimi serving. The Tako - Octopus, Chutoro - medium fatted Tuna, Akami - or the loin from the Tuna's spine and the Amaebi - Sweet Shrimp was all totally fresh, tender and tasty. The Salmon Roll was also real good.

The Pork Teppanyaki didn't stick out even if it was tasty so now we had some great expectations on the last dish...

Painted Spiny Lobster Thermidor

But The Painted Spiny Lobster was unfourtanly a disappointing experience and it looked a lot better then it tasted!


Thermidor is a traditional way to prepere lobsters of any kind. We expected it to be creamy, lifting the lobster meat's flavours with some brandy and gratinated cheese like Gryere or likewise. Instead it tasted "bechamel"...and actually nothing more but a "badly cooked bechamel". The selection of roe on top didn't offset the lack of taste. It's a pity when the meat of the Painted Spiny Lobster is so delicious.


We found some of that incredible good meat hidden in the vapid sauce...but it felt ruined. Then we dug out some meat from the body where that devastating bechamel hadn't reached and just dipped it in soy sauce and wasabi and that was really packed with flavour and umami

Overall; a visit to Shinsen Fishmarket is something we recommend when being in Bangkok but next time we'll go for the freshly steamed Crab instead!


3/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommended

Vist Shinsen Fish Market site!

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