A Danish Chef and his Thai Food Journey

Tasting Menu "The Journey" at Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin at Kempinski Hotel Siam in Bangkok

Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin in Bangkok

Kiin-Kiin in Copenhagen had been on our Food Bucket List for some time and finding Kiin-Kiin's international Franchise in Bangkok made the dining choice an easy one. Located in the luxurious Kempinski Hotel Siam, this establishment has been rewarded with a Michelin Star.


After seating and ordering the Tasting Menu in the beautiful Dining Room, the show starts right away.


The Amuse Bouches came extremely rapidly and the first one was a warm bun that magically appeared in a bowl of sesame seeds as the waiter spun it around! Was this a heads up from the Chef that this was going to be a magical and quite surprisingly journey?


We like to believe so! 


Then a cavalcade of tasty bites like Rice Crackers - but instead of a traditional shrimp flavored version they came with small dots of heavily flavored lobster emulsion, Satay - but instead of a skewer the characteristic of the sauce was set in extremely thin and crispy chicken skin, a Tom Yam based soup under a "painting" with Shells in a bowl - of course, served with a straw - and the shellfish which traditionally could go into the soup served as ice cream in a cone on the side, small edible packages made of corn packed with roasted Cashewnuts, chili and a boost of Thai herbs, a delicious Tuna Tartare served in a Water Lily, Pork Sausage Skewer so rich in flavor and with clearly bbq-notes simply on a banana leaf and finally Bai Plo (sorry if it's spelled weird!) - the leaves you fill with minced tasteful ingredients, turn into a package and eat like a snack!


When the waitress who had just prepared and served our Bai Plo table-sides said "now you are ready for your first starter" we were just amazed! So many servings, tastes, textures, and flavors just in the Amouche Bouche's...is just...WOW!


The complexity, textures, and tastes of the main dishes were outstanding! So much love and technique are put into every presentation. We loved the amazing transformation in a duo presentation of the same dish - one served warm and packed with familiar aromas and tastes while the second one with the exact ingredients was "brutally" chilled with liquid nitrogen revealing a completely other experience! This was yin-yang of food - presented as a female and a male approach, a play with chaud - froix that we'll carry with us as a food memory for a long, long time.


And in every dish, you could trace an approach to Thai Cuisine with a deep respect for the traditions but gently take the dishes to the next level by implementing European techniques, food style, and signatures of a brilliant Danish Chef in Henrik Yde Andersen.


The Friandaise also included some LEGO bricks to connect with Chef's Danish heritage and like bricks, everything now just fell into place -the name of the tasting menu, the food, the service, the playfulness, the amazing journey of tastes! 


This was nothing less than an amazing, awesome, and exceptional dining experience! 

The tasting menu included theatrical moments, great techniques, surprises, wow-moments, childhood memories when Sticks were taken back to a dessert she ate a lot when young living in Thailand, deconstructions, excellent service, great wine parings and all served at a pace that made sense and kept your palette awake and wanting more with every bite!


No surprise - Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin is a strong 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation.


Sra Bua doesn't hide that their influences come from traditional Thai Food - but with a twist. This concept with deconstructing traditional dishes seem to be a trend in Bangkok.

And that is a trend we love!

Visit Sra Bua by Kiin-Kiin's and Make a Reservation!

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