Meet Jane & Fredrik AKA Sticks & Spoons!

Like many other couples Jane (aka Sticks) and Fredrik (aka Spoons) met on the job. They worked in the same restaurant; Fredrik as Chef de Cuisine and Jane as a waitress. Soon they discovered their mutual passion for food resulting in some nice dinner dates with really good food and drinks. Later also a passion for each other grew when Fredrik took some courage to kiss Jane under the influence of euforia.

The first trip together was to Berlin. When Jane booked the flight for the 27th of December she actually booked the flight on a wrong date; 27th of March! The perfect start for future travels together. So they stood at the airport and had to buy flight tickets all over again. Funny Fact! Kee Marcello - former guitarist of Swedish band Europe had some trouble with his tickets as well standing at the same counter. Obviously you can't book a ticket in your stage name - blame it on the Manager - because you must have the same name on the ticket and your passport! Good to know.

Then actually the second trip was somekind of seperation. Jane decided to live and study in San Francisco for six months leaving Fredrik back in Sweden. It took about three minutes for Fredrik to decide that he had to go and visit Jane in USA for a week midterm. The long distance relationship only brought them closer.

And after that food & travels have been an essential part of Sticks & Spoons' lives together. One journey lead to another; new ideas, planning for greater things to come and a decision to start this site as a documentation over their mission and "Causae Vitae" - Reason to Live!

Because Food & Travel is Life! And exploring a World of food together is something Sticks & Spoons love beside each other!

Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live!

Huggy huggy, Kissy kissy!

Sticks & Spoons

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