Food Travels with Sticks & Spoons

What is Food Travel? Well, that's the trips, journeys, travels, tours and detours we do for a food and drink experience. We love to travel for food. Many of our destinations travelled are food destinations. We'r Food Tourists and often plan our trip with food in focus as Sticks & Spoons, to inspire you to experience food abroad. Food Tourism is what we live for.

This is our Food Travels so far, with much more Food Destinations to come!

Food Destinations with Sticks and Spoon! Travel for Food with two Bon Vivants that Food Travel as often as they can. Our ain reason tto travel is to discover new food and wine and this is our food guides and our best food destinations if you want to get food travel inspiration!

Cypress Avenue - the road to one of the Best Wine Regions in Italy; Bolgheri in Tuscany!

Food Destination Inspiration - Food Travel