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Food Travel with Sticks & Spoons

We love to travel for food. Almost 100% of our visited destinations are travel-planned with the starting point being food destinations.


We are Food Tourists and always plan our trips with food in focus as our first choice of reason to travel and explore.


We create Food Travel Guides and write stories to inspire you to experience more food when traveling. Food Tourism is what we live for at Sticks & Spoons Food Travel. This is our Food Travel so far (at least the documented ones) with much more Food Destinations to come.

Learn more: Sticks and Spoons' FAQ about Food Travel

Best places to travel for food in the world
Food Travel to Food Destinations with Sticks and Spoons! Find inspiration to Travel for Food with two Bon Vivants that Food Travel as often as they can. Our main reason to travel is to discover new food and wine. This is our food guides and our best food destinations if you want to get food travel inspiration.

Cypress Avenue - the road to one of the Best Wine Regions in Italy; Bolgheri in Tuscany!

Food Destination Inspiration Food Travel with Sticks and Spoons

Food Travel so far
What is Food Travel?

What is Food Travel?


The definition of Food Travel, and Food and Beverage Tourism, according to World Food Travel Association is "The act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place".


Well, in our humble opinion Food Travel starts much earlier with the planning of trips, journeys, travels, and tours with a strong focus on discovering food. Food is without any hesitation, our main reason to travel in the first place.


When planning a visit to a new destination, our first question is always "what food is there to explore?". If there are enough interesting culinary traditions, food markets, and restaurants to discover, that destination enters the bucket list.


On a Food Destination, we actively support getting lost now and then, because of all the inspiring and surprising detours we do for that special food and drink experience. Together, this is what creates food travel memories for life.

Of course, we don't eat all the time when traveling, we experience a lot more than food. But for you to get an insight into how Sticks and Spoons is thinking when travel planning; Are we going to San Sebastian to relax on the beach? No, beaches are not something that pulls us to a destination. Pintxos and Food History do. The beach will get a visit, sure. After eating.

Can you Travel for Food full-time?

Can you Travel for Food full-time?


Of course, you can travel for food full-time, and one example will be enough to answer that question. YouTuber and full-time Food Traveler Mark Wiens are, without a doubt, one of the most influential food travel personalities online today. He has covered anything from street food to top restaurants and has eaten his way around the world many times over.


Sticks & Spoons did this review of Jay Fai in Bangkok and realized that Mark had visited and eaten the same dishes that we did. At the time, back in 2017, Mark Wien's YouTube channel had roughly 3 million subscribers (which by then was impressive too). Today; in November 2022, that figure is an amazing and astonishing 9,3 million subscribers!

You might say "there are others than Mark Wiens out there", and also have the opinion they bring better Food Travel Content as Full-time Food Travelers too. But no one can deny the superiority and excellence of Mark Wiens career and work. He indeed has made the perfect journey as a Food Travel Influencer.


Becoming that successful foodie phenomenon is nothing that happens overnight though, it takes a lot of work. Mark Wiens has been around for a long time. His mindset and focus are remarkable and he now posts new videos every Sunday and Wednesday at 8 pm Bangkok time. Check out Migrationology with Mark Wiens - Travel for Food.

We remember seeing a clip early on in Mark's career as a Food Travel Influencer. In that clip, Mark explained how he was able to Travel for Food full-time and that was actually one of the reasons that we decided to create our Food Blog Sticks and Spoons Food Travel. Sticks and Spoons' dream to make a living as a professional Food Traveler is still alive, but we might take a different path.

Where to Trave for Food?

Where to Travel for Food?

Well, do you actually have to travel for food? Dig where you stand. There's no doubt, you have a lot of great food and beverage around you. From Farm to Table, visiting Food Producers, Farmer's Markets, Local Breweries, Restaurants, and Food Enthusiasts that inspire with Food Events, Wine Tastings, and much more if you scratch the surface, right? Explore and Support Your Local Food and Beverages.

Remember, you may think that your local, casual food, food ingredients, and your country's food culture are boring, and no Food to Travel for. But to a foreigner, it may be exotic, exciting, inspiring, and something worth traveling for. So if you run a Food Travel Blog, you should have a domestic category in your blog. We can guarantee that other Foodists and Food Travelers will appreciate it a lot.

So Google; "Where to go for food near me?" and let's get started...

(NTS: Finish that work in our Digital Blog Strategy asap...) 

The simple answer is, it is in the Eye of the Beholder. Food is personal and individual when it comes to what we think of the Taste of Food, and what is a great Food Experience. 

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