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Koizen Omakase Room, Gothenburg

A Show of Hands and an amazing Omakase Experience

What started out as a wonderful "Tuesday Surprise" from Sticks to Spoons obvious delight, have become one of the best Sushi and Sashimi experiences we've had so far and a solid Food Memory for both of us.


We love Japanese Food like Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi and especially when you can experience those small bites of tasty explosions in the Japanese tradition of an Omakase serving.


If you want an intemate Omakase dinner close up with the Sushi Chef while being in Gothenburg; Koizen Omakase Room is without doubt where you definitely should go!

The young and aspiring Sushi Chef Alvin Chu dreamt big when opening Koizen Omakase Room.


He wanted to create a Sushi, Nigiri and Sashimi experience unlikely any ordinary in Gothenburg and the only way to accomplish that was to go all in making it Omakase Style with a small, intimate Omakase Room.

What is the definition of Omakase?

"Omakase" could be translated as "I leave it up to you" and comes from the japanese phrase "makaseru" which means "to entrust".


The Omakase Style of serving food is a close bound between the Sushi Chef and the guest and are significant to the way you're eating an Omakase Tasting Menu. The Sushi Chef decide what and how you should eat (basically) based upon first contact and this of course can be interesting when visiting an Omakase Restaurant.


If you are lucky you will experience something extraordinary.


And we were lucky!

What is Omakase Dining at Koizen like?

The Omakase Room of Koizen is...well, miniature small is almost an understatement (just enter the toilet and you get what we mean!


Some guests have pointed out that as a problem but we don't see that)! With just 8 seats at the bar and 8 more seats at tables this is a perfect and intimate Omakase experience.


At restaurant Koizen you only have one Omakase Menu to choose from with additional drinking menu as a choice and Chef Chu serves his creative Omakase servings based on what produce he can receive for the day.

This is how to serve Omakase


We were served tilapia, tuna and salmon as a first, tasty starter and then in a perfect pace with textures, tastes and increasing with every bite fulfilling the dining experiences; Turbot, Grouper, Pike-perch, Char, Scallop, Toro, Norwegian lobster/ Langoustine, Redfish, Hamachi and Cod with the Toro - or fat Tuna - being our overall favorite. What a Powerful Umami-Punch right in the Taste Buds!


Just simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

For dessert we got Tamagoyaki; the delicious, multi layered traditional japanese omelette, made of very simple ingredients but so hard to do perfectly, followed by soup and ice cream.

Spoons love Sake so a perfect ending of the Omakase Evening was of course a real good, matured Sake while chatting with Chef, the Sommelier but also the parents of this still very young but uprising Sushi talent. 

The total cost for an Omakase Menu; SEK 695 and drink package - or Osusume as a drink menu is called in japanese  - for just SEK 495 with an additional Sake makes this a real value for money venue. Especially considering the high quality of ingredients and what you will experience at Koizen Omakase Room!

We tip our Chef Hat with a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation and an "Omaka-YEAH"!

Visit Koizen Omakase Room site to make a reservation, read more on their Facebook and follow on Instagram.

Find directions to Koizen Omakase Room in Gothenburg:

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