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Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine, Bangkok

Life should be funny - Eating at Gaggan Anand's restaurant is Life!

On our Thailand trip and visit to Bangkok; none of the restaurant bookings was more exiting then the reservation we did at Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine. This Chef Icon on the world scene of restaurants has been a dream to visit ever since we saw the Netflix series Chef's Table season two and right there and then decided it was in the no1 place of the Food Bucket List.​


The story told about the brilliant chef Gaggan Anand in the series is touching. Coming from a poor family back in India and ending up as one of the greatest chef's today is captivating. Gaggan Anand opened his restaurant in Bangkok back in 2010 after working at the Infamousrestaurant El Bulli.


In 2014 Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine was ranked 17th on 50 Best Restaurants and after that, the success has just grown by each year! Gaggan has won Thailand's Best Restaurant as well as Asia's 50 Best Restaurant 4 years in a raw from 2016 - 2018! Impressive!


However, if you want to experience Gaggan's innovative kitchen in Bangkok you need to hurry. Gaggan Anand has announced that he will close Gaggan in 2020 and open a 10-seat restaurant open only on weekends in Fukuoka, Japan!

Gaggan is located on a backstreet of Soi Langsuan Chidlom in downtown Bangkok; an alley that may not look like it holds a gem but paths to wonderful places are not always pretty.​


The beautiful villa in colonial style has two floors and several small enclosed rooms. After waiting a while we were seated on the second floor. Cocktail list on Gaggan is impressive and we quickly ordered a coconut and a ginger based cocktail. We think the mixologist was a little busy because we could discuss wine selections for the tasting menu and get the recommendations served by the sommelier before cocktails arrived. Cocktails were brilliant though!


At Gaggan they serve a set 25-course Tasting Menu. The menu doesn't have actual words describing the dishes. Instead, it's only emoji's which Anand describes as "a way to transcend language barriers". We would like to add that it also spark your imagination and expectations on what's to come.


The first half of the menu is served at a fast pace; all dishes being snack-sized and eaten with your hands. Almost every one of the dishes are really thorough presented at the table with an explanation why Chef had come up with this particular dish or how you should eat it but especially one of the servings are "mysteriously" not revealing anything about what you eat (even if our waiter generously revealed the main ingredient with a handwritten note) until after you finished the tasting menu when a transparent sheet is laid over the upright emoji's in the middle revealing the main ingredients on each side. 


Everything you get served is a small explosion of taste with just a small pause for reflection and restrained admiration - and then right on to the next sensation. It's like a crazy food roller coaster! And the food is exiting, delicious, surprising, playfully presented and simply genius! There was also some theatrical moments for instance in a "tea serving" in one of the dishes made with tomato tableside. The service is flawless, relaxed and genuinely professional.

We had so much great food and a fun dining experience at Gaggan! Both of us instantly wanted to revisit and that is the best review any restaurant can get in our opinion. Even if the restaurant visit became one of our most expensive ones that was totally secondary and a cost we would not hesitate to pay again. 

Gaggan is a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation - without a doubt!

Visit Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine or Make a reservation!​

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