"Where is a good spot in Melbourne to see good street art? We have visitors coming from overseas and would like to take them sightseeing..."

My mind goes into overdrive every time I get this question!

The other question I get quite often is - 'What is your favorite mural?"

Considering there are so many incredible artists out there these days and the fact that we are absolutely spoilt when it comes to the caliber of street art in Australia, there is no easy answer to either of these questions.

So this story is my attempt to share with you some of my favorite street art finds I've had the pleasure of seeing in person. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Melbourne Polytechnic - Prahran

Guido van Helten's 2016 seven-story mural of profoundly deaf contemporary dancer Anna Seymour. Try standing in front of this and not get goosebumps!

Artist credit: Guido van Helten @guidovanhelten #guidovanhelten

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Benalla - Victoria

Incredible indigenous portrait mural by Adnate at the 2016 Benalla Wall to Wall Festival.

Artist credit: Matt Adnate @adnate #adnate

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Upper West Side - Melbourne

Created in 2016 by the Glasgow-based artist Smug One, this jaw-dropping mural is a portrait of the artist's grandparents.

Artist credit: Smug One @smugone #smugone

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Canterbury - Victoria

Stunningly beautiful Indian woman by the super talented local artist Resio.

Artist credit: Resio @resio_ #resio

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Powerhouse Geelong

2014 'Jane Doe' mural by Rone. Various other artists painted the pieces on the lower section.

Artist credit: Rone @r_o_n_e #rone

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Hosier Lane / Rutledge Lane - Melbourne CBD

Never a dull moment in Hosier Lane! Murals, throw-ups, tags, stencils, paste-ups...you'll find it all there....all at once!

Photo credits: Neda @virusfreak79

Benalla - Victoria

Absolutely adore this enormous mural by Smug One, for the Benalla Wall to Wall Festival.

Artist credit: Smug One @smugone #smugone

Photo credit: Neda @virusfreak79

Cheeky little smile! 2018 Wall to Wall Festival mural by Julian Clavijo