'Skin and Bone'

Australian contemporary street artist Sam Bates (aka Smug One) is known around the world for his incredible life-like, large-scale murals. Smug's inspiration comes from the people he meets or comes in contact with, resulting in unique pieces created in his recognizable, photo-realistic style.

Juddy Roller studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne, hosted Smug One's first-ever solo exhibition in October 2018. Fans came in droves and were in for an absolute treat!

'Skin and Bone' is a collection of Smug One's paintings created using aerosol and acrylic on canvas. The results are simply breathtaking!

"Lisa" by contemporary Street Art and Mural painter Sam Bates aka Smug One





Amazing Skull by Street and Mural Artist Sam Bates aka Smug One
'Purple Still Life'

Smug One's "Robin and Rachel" is a painting with aerosol and acrylic on canvas from the exhibition #Skin and Bones"
'Robin and Rachel'

Australian painter Sam Bates aka Smug One's Art is photo realistic
'Mandible Claw'

"Smug One" aka Sam Bates is a great Street Art and Mural Painter with worldwide recognition. With the Exhibition "Skin and Bones" he show paintings made with aerosol and acrylics on canvas
'Dreaded Cat'

Sam Bates aka "Smug One" paintings with aerosol and acrylic on canvas in the Exhibition "Skin and Bones"

Beautiful painting by Sam Bates aka as the reknowned Street Art and Mural Painter Sam Bates
'Teneu and Kentigern'

Sam Bates aka "Smug One" do fantastic Street Art and Murals but also art paintings like "Birdcage"

Streetartist Sam Bates aka "Smug One" get inspired by people he know and meet when travelling the world doing big Mural Art and Street Art paintings

Painting by Sam Bates aka as the very talented Mural Artist "Smug One" from Australia

" I just paint because I love it, and with every piece I do, I just try and push my skills and further my ability and try and create something better than the last." - Smug One

The Juddy Roller Gallery in Melbourne held an exhibition with art from Australian Sam Bates; known for his Street Art and huge Wall Art and Murals around the world
Juddy Roller gallery

Mural Art by Street Artist and painter Sam Bates aka "Smug One"