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Artscape loves Gothenburg: 2016 Street Art Flashback

We love living in a city like Gothenburg that embraces art in the open domains. It hasn't always been like that. It all changed way back in 2014 when Artscape was founded down in the southern city of Malmö. Artscape is a non-profit organization that started to seek ways to influence decision-makers and property holders to allow art projects to make their cities more colorful and inspiring with street art. Gothenburg has been blessed twice with Artscape projects. Now, in May 2021, it's time for a third-round completing Artscape's first visit back in 2016 to celebrate Gothenburg's 400th Anniversary as a City!

"Where the Trees don't Grow" Artist: Yash (Sweden)

Gothenburg Artscape Street Art in the rear-mirror

After Artscape was founded in Malmö, they managed to persuade the city to start two street art projects in 2014 and 2015. Without saying, it draws some attention to what Artscape created together with the artists. And in 2016 it was time to take a successful art concept to a new city: Gothenburg.

Surprisingly, Artscape was invited by Gothenburg City to do its thing! Gothenburg, historically known for its zero tolerance to graffiti or any type of street art, now opened up to a ground-breaking cultural event with public art.

With the drive and devotion of Artscape, Gothenburg became Scandinavia's largest urban art project up to date, at the time.

With 18 small and huge art pieces completed in less than a month, it was no less than a great success! Artscape also hosted artist talks and had workshops with locals getting involved in street art.

I would say this was a huge game-changer for how people accepted and saw the concept and beauty of street art.

"Braided Sisters" (Left and Right) Artist: Hueman (USA)

"Peace dove" (Middle) Artists: Koralie & SupaKitch (France)

We haven't seen and taken photos of all the Artscape Gothenburg 2016 pieces at the street art sites yet but will, of course in time.

Speaking of time; all street art and mural paintings are created to become permanent and last at least 20 years. However, the owner of the building is free to do whatever they want after the street art is done. For instance, artist Cityzenkane's (UK) 3D piece at Långgatan 2 was sadly removed when landlord Wallenstam renovated the facade of the building. Another landlord Poseidon is planning to renovate the building where street artists Rone (Australia) and Jarus (Canada) have made their beautiful contributions to Artscape Gothenburg 2016.

We really need to visit those street art spots before that happens.

"Daughters" Artist: DISK (Sweden)

Artscape celebrates Gothenburg City 400 years

We're excited about the Artscape return to our city in May 2021! Six street art and mural artworks are planned and we will definitely take photos, and videos and write about this event, as the project is ongoing and the final pieces of street art.

This post is a part of our own Street Art Project here at Sticks & Spoons Food Travel. Soon to be announced. Soon to be launched. Soon to be updated. Stay tuned!


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