Artscape Saga Street Art Sweden

Artscape's Saga is one of the World Largest Urban Art Projects. In May and June 2019, the excellence of 26 Street Art Artists created 32 amazing Street Art pieces during 3 weeks in 12 municipalities of the Gothenburg Region in Sweden. Artscape Saga is a celebration to storytelling, folklore and myths with beautiful Street Art. Each Street Art piece is an interpretation of a classical saga.

Nomad Clan's contribution to Artscape Saga in Stenungsund

Sticks & Spoons "Artscape Saga Tour"

We will try to cover all the Artwork in a series of articles and blog posts we have called "Artscape Saga Tour". You can read them individually one by one or as a book with chapters of our Street Art Hunts discovering the fantastic Street Art around Gothenburg with Street Art from Artscape Saga Project.

Table of content "Artscape Saga Tour"

1. Artscape Saga Street Art Sweden

2. Street Art Tour with Artscape Saga and GIBCA

Artscape Saga

Artscape is a non-profit organization, founded by Daniel Wakeman and Tor Hedendahl, and is one of the world's leading actors and proponents of urban contemporary art, especially Street Art and Art in the Public Domains. Since 2014, Artscape have carried out large-scale Murals and Street Art Projects in Malmö, Gothenburg and Värmland in Sweden.

The Artscape Saga Logo - Copyright of Artscape

We believe that the dominance of the advertising boards in the modern cityscape needs to be challenged. Great art shouldn't be confined to only galleries and museums!(Artscape Founders)

Artscape Saga was the first of two large Street Art Projects in 2019, and is considered as one of the world largest projects of it's kind up to date! With great help from a devoted team, volunteers, street art artists, sponsors and decision-makers in the different municipalities involved in the Street Art Saga Project, 23 local and worldwide famous Street Art performers and painters managed to bring color and beauty to 32 public walls in 12 municipalities around the Gothenburg area on the Swedish West Coast!

Truly a fantastic achievement, especially keeping in mind that it just took 3 weeks creating all the Artworks!

Artscape Street Art Map

The Artscape Saga Street Art Map - as handy as it gets to find Street Art!

Street Art in Kungälv

Our first stop heading north from Gothenburg was Kungälv. And after feeling lost awhile, but seeing the lovely quarters of old town Kungälv, we finally hit our first Mural Painting.

Being Mural Hunters is exiting. You may have seen Street Art photos of every work already, but it's when you stand in front of a Mural painting, you get amazed and get goosebumps, taking your own Street Art photos of the piece.

To us, Street Art as an Artform is something much more direct, more genuine that strikes the heart in an instant. Especially the big murals can be quiet overwhelming and at the same time beautifully stunning in their means of expression. We love that kind of Art!

Swedish Sagie is not only a brilliant Tattooist at the Tattoo Studio Unikum in Gothenburg; where Spoons got almost all of his tattoes from Tony B; he also do amazing Murals and Graffiti!

Like many of his paintings, the one in Kungälv have animals and birds in it, even if we're not sure a House-Hen is an actual bird? Anyhow, a favourite composition in his art are birds and animals, which he does impeccable.

We was not really sure what the story behind this great Mural piece was but we stumbled on a comment on Saige's Facebook and it appears to be inspired from the Russian fairytales of Baba Yaga!

Baba Yaga is a supernatural being, scary as heck, that among many nasty things dwells deep in the forest in a hut standing on chicken legs! Wierd fairytale...but a fantastic Mural Wall!

Find Saige Street Art online: Saige's site, Saige's Instagram (also check out Saige's Tattoo account!) and Saige's Facebook.

A great thing is that Artscape give an artist a mission to do a Grafitti or Street Art piece together with the people living where the Mural and Street Art is located.

After a GPS-confusion, we finally found the work made together with locals from the muncipilaty...under a bridge which explains the GPS mishap. And how convinient that the inspiration came from Three Billy Goats Gruff. The Norwegian saga have an intriguing "eat me when I'm better"-theme including the three goats and a greedy troll living under a bridge.

When doing a search and finding Code 26's artwork online we see a raw and interesting talent for tags, graffiti and funny, smart and cool art! Keep drawing and work on Murals!

Find Code 26 online: Code 26's Instagram and Code 26's Facebook.

Spanish Artist Lily Brik have been a Street Art artist since 2015 and made this flowerful mural for Artscape Saga Project on Kongahällavägen in Kungälv.

Or "Artist" by the way. Lily doesn't define herself as an artist or even grafitti artist. She doesn't call herself designer. She love all kind of graphic expressions and likes to call herself simply "Creative". Suitable; Lily Brik does excellent and creative work which can be seen, not only in Sweden. Lily have made Street Art in Germany, Netherlands and France for instance.

Her Mural Paintings and Graffiti work almost always include people in common situations with colorful backgrounds. She also have a fling and thing for birds and flowers.

So the artwork she did was inspired by a saga from Central Java; "The Legend of Water Lily" (so smart!), about a Princess saving her people after turning into a Water Lily. A sad folklore story that ended up as an amazing Mural in Sweden in the Artscape Mural Project!

Find Lily Street Art online: Lily's Website, Lily's Instagram and Lily's Facebook.

Art in Nature. Stone Slate is natural art that you can find everywhere in Bohuslän and the West Coast Archipelago.

Sticks taking a break with "Elli in the Belly" (Update: we are now parents to a beautiful daughter: Ellinor!) on our Sunday Road Trip.

It was time for a Dinner break and we found a West Coast inspired Brunch on "Marstrand Havshotell" located in the picturesque Marstrand.

Best Brunch dishes were the mussels, the smoked shrimps, the traditional pickled herring and "Matjesill"Cheese Cake. The Steak Tartare and Vitello Tonnato was ok too.

From the Restaurant you have a view over the harbour and the Marstrand Island with houses typical for Swedish fishing villages mixed up with fashionable big tree villas where the gentry of swedish early nineteenth century had their summer recidences...wait? The still have...

Street Art in Stenungsund

We moved on to Stenungsund, to Stenungstorget at the harbour, and found this expressive mural by WiseTwo from Kenya. Each Mural Painting in the Artscape Saga Project have a story to tell. This Mural is a Aboriginal Dreamtime Story explained here which give this Street Art painting much more deepth and meaning.

The Mural in Stenungsund blends WiseTwo’s work with the traditional African masks often found in his Street Art work and the story and tale of the Rainbow Serpent from indigenous Australian folklore. A cool mix up.

Artscape Saga is also about the evolution of folktales around the world and discover where new sources of inspiration will take the creative process. Simple but beautiful.

This signature Street Art style is found in much of WiseTwo's Street Art and Mural Paintings.

Find WiseTwo Street Art online: WiseTwo's Instagram and WiseTwo's Facebook

At the other end of the harbour boardwalk, at Fregatten 4, you'll find an Inspirational Street Art piece made by Nomad Clan from United Kingdom. Inspired by the Scottish mythology and folklore. The Mural tells the story of a woman - half seal; a Selkie.

When she was in human form a man stole her Selkie skin, and blackmailed her to become his wife. What a complete douchebag!

Nomad Clan is actually a talented muralist duo who do dreamy, surrealistic pieces of art, beautifully executed and with a great sense of details.

Details are fantastic as always when looking at Nomad Clans Street Art and we love their other Street Art we've seen so far!

Find Nomad Clan Street Art online: Nomad Clan's site, Nomad Clan's Instagram and Nomad Clan's Facebook.

Love Street Art? Always Pin Amazing Street Art! =)

This was our first part in covering the fantastic Artscape Saga Project in Sweden!

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed finding all this Street Art and Murals!

Be sure to continue reading the next chapter in Sticks & Spoons Artscape Saga Tour: Street Art Tour with Artscape Saga and GIBCA for more Mural Paintings, huge Murals and Street Art from Artscape Saga in Partille, Mölnlycke and Mölndal!

Happy Street Art Hunting!

Sticks & Spoons

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