9 Amazing Street Art Spots in the USA

For the Lover of Street Art, the USA is not only one of the huge countries when it comes to expressing Art in its most wonderful form, here you can find all styles. From well-known spots with huge Murals made by international artists to typical, creative Street Art "alley finds" made by local artists. The USA has the whole range.

Some friends of Sticks & Spoons Food Travel helped us locate 9 Amazing Street Art Spots in the USA. Let us check them out right away! Follow, comment and share.

Table of Content: "9 Amazing Street Art Spots in the USA"

  1. Street Art in Wynwood Art District, Miami

  2. U Street Neighbourhood, Washington DC

  3. Roosevelt Row in Phoenix, Arizona

  4. Mosaic Mural Art in Walnut Creek, California

  5. Artist Tribute Murals in downtown Minneapolis

  6. Kaka'ako Warehouse District Street Art in Honolulu, Hawaii

  7. Street Art Hot Spot St. Petersburg in Florida

  8. Street Art along the Highline Park in New York

  9. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program in Pennsylvania

Artists: Simoni Fontana and Argirisser in Wynwood, Miami 2018

Street Art in Wynwood Art District, Miami

by Danila Caputo from Travelling Dany

There are a lot of great photo spots in Miami, Florida. Yet one neighborhood has become the modern Mecca for every Instagrammer out there. Wynwood.

Wynwood can be considered one of the biggest open-air street art museums in the world. This vibrant and colorful area in Miami today is a creative and cultural hub.

While many people think the only contemporary art spot is Wynwood Walls, there's so much more than that! Even the lesser-known side streets in Wynwood are completely covered in murals. The whole neighborhood is one huge canvas, to be used by the most popular street artists in the world.

This street art hub is very popular among contemporary art lovers. Since the murals are often covered by even more creative ones, lots of people make sure to walk through the neighborhood every six months, more or less. To hunt for new "treasures".

Some of the most beautiful murals in Wynwood are those painted by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. The Wynwood Walls museum is also showcasing 30 screens painted by Kobra, in his first 10 years. Most of them are studies of the immense murals he has spread throughout the world: all with pacifist messages, historical scenes, and environmental concerns.

While it is possible to visit Wynwood for free - which makes it a great contemporary art destination, even when you are traveling on a budget - you will need to buy a ticket to visit Wynwood Walls.

2021 is the year that has changed everything: the free venue now requires an entrance fee. Profits will be used to hire more artists, so the colorful murals will be changed 2-3 times per year.

U Street Neighborhood, Washington DC

by Teresa Markle from Female Solo Trek

Larger-than-life images of notable Black Americans can be found on street art in Washington DC’s U Street neighborhood. This historic neighborhood is home to Howard University where Vice President Kamala Harris graduated. Your best bet is to research the neighborhood in advance to acquaint yourself with street art.

Artist: Aniekan Udofia on U Street, Washington DC

On the U Street tour, not to be missed is Ben Ali Way at 1213 U St. NW (next to Ben’s Chili Bowl) to see local artist Aniekan Udofia’s murals of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, Dave Chappelle, and Taraji P. Henson, among other notable stars.

Udofia honors Black baseball players in a nearby street mural. He also painted the Frederick Douglass mural in Anacostia, the Duke Ellington building mural, and the gagged George Washington mural on U St. NW.

More Murals you can't miss on your U Street Neighbourhood Street Art Tour

Cita Sadeli (known as CHELOVE) is also famous for her "All My Hopes & Dreams" mural, located at Cloak & Dagger at 1359 U Street NW.

Also not to be missed is the nearby mural of Winnifred and William Lee, founders of Lee’s Flower Shop. Painted by Kaliq Crosby, it portrays “Lee’s Legacy” as black business owners.

Spanish artist Alberto “Sabek” Clerencia painted “Kindred,” a mural featuring two blindfolded young girls in a garden, at 1210 V St. NW.

U Street is also known as “Black Broadway,” due to its concentration of jazz clubs. Check out MuralsDCProject.com to learn about the city’s 141 murals in 72 neighbors featuring the work of 66 artists. Occasionally, DC walking tour companies offer U Street Mural Tours.