Top Guide to Street Art and Murals in Budapest you must see!

We love finding Street Art on our journeys! The search for New Food and Food influences has always been number one when traveling but recently we discovered that we enjoy stumbling upon the Arts of the Street.

Our friend Neda aka @virusfreak79 on Instagram (she's on a 2000+ km trip right now Mural Hunting and Exploring the Australian Street-Art Scene - you must follow her!) wrote a Guest Blog Post on The Silo Art Trail for us and has been our friend for a long time. She also was kind to give us some tips now when we traveled to Budapest.

Urban Street Art in Budapest

The first morning in Budapest Spoons had read about District VII and that it was supposed to be a lot of Murals, Urban Art, and Street Art there and went for a longer Street Art walk.

Actually, he didn't find "anything"! Neda was a little upset as she had sent a great link writing about the Colorful City Budapest Festival Project starting as early as 2008 by Colorful City Organisation. A lot of Hungarian and foreign street artists and Mural Painters joined in and made Budapest more colorful and vibrant with help of sponsors. Since then the civil-based movement has been coloring 15 000 sqm of walls around Budapest!

The basic idea is built on Victor Vasarely's Colorful City concept, published in 1983 which bottom line is that art is to set foot on the streets, public spaces and that people should not only meet with fine art pieces in galleries - a true visionary of a modern city view with art everywhere!

Sticks & Spoons Top Guide to Budapest Street Art and Murals you must see!

Amazing Mural Painting in Budapest: Living Space | Artist: Fat Heat and Bea Pántya | Location: Arany János/ Sas utca 20-22

Living Space | Artist: Fat Heat and Bea Pántya | Location: Arany János/ Sas utca 20-22

The work is not only astonishing to look at - you can also bring it to LIFE! Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that uses our real world but spices it up with overlays of color and animation!

The company Lara based in Budapest uses the technology both practically and creatively in their Lara App which gives Living Space Mural amazing life! Just watch the Clip!

First of all; Budapest is such an architectural city! Never before have the hashtag #lookup and #lookaround been so much used by us. Everywhere you go you see beautiful buildings but one thing that's sad is that a lot of them are in severe decay!

On the positive side; there are construction sites where new buildings come alive and even if it could seem like an almost endless project you see reparation of facades and insides of buildings wherever you go.

But a downside to that is also that a lot of old facades - and also Murals, unfortunately - will disappear forever in the process!

Taking a Street Art Tour in Budapest!

Street Art in Budapest:  Greetings from Budapest | Artist: Lehel Nyeste | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

Greetings from Budapest | Artist: Lehel Nyeste | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

Famous Street Artist:Blind Date | Artist: Mr Trash | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

Blind Date | Artist: Mr. Trash | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

Even though the big murals; often as big as 200 sqm++ are the ones that are easiest to find you can stumble upon cool, fun, and fantastic works of Street Art just by strolling around.

Indeed there were a lot of those works in District 7 but also around the Jewish Quarter and Dob utca - where a lot of Restaurants and Bars are located.

We found ourselves saying "Why isn't it a mural here? Why haven't someone done some graffiti or Streetart here?" as we walked the streets of Budapest - and some of the times we found art where we expected.

The different Art Styles of Street Art in Budapest

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Experience the Street Art Scene in Budapest: UNHCR | Artist: Neopaint | Location: Gozsdu courtyard

UNHCR | Artist: Neopaint | Location: Gozsdu courtyard

The diversity of Street Art in Budapest is beyond imagination; from simple drawings to huge mural paintings.

A Street Art Tour in Budapest will reveal secret art wherever you go. Some of the best street art is the one that's hidden. We find new street art everytime we visit Budapest.

Street Art is a natural view in Budapest. If you love the Art of the Streets this is the place to go. Read our Budapest Street Art Guide on Sticks & Spoons Food Travel.

ÁNGEL SANZ BRIZ | Artist: Okudart | Location: Dob street 4

Some of the world best street artists have painted murals in Budapest but the street art talents also come from Hungary: Sticker Artist: @misskk_budapest

Sticker Artist: @misskk_budapest (Instagram account)

Check out Street Art and big Murals in Budapest, Hungary.

Nice piece of Street Art. Not all need to be big Mural Wall Paintings to impress. Budapest Street Art scene have it all.

Artist: (Instagram account)

Beginners Street Art in Budapest. Art is for everyone. Art should belong in the Streets and not on a museum. Well, the both is fine but we really enjoy Street Art as you can see on our site.

Street Art is often used for businesses in Budapest. Restaurant Mural: "Mi Casa Su Casa" | Artist: Neopaint

"Mi Casa Su Casa" | Artist: Neopaint

Guide to Budapest Street Art. Here's a great Mural Painting: BIKE | Artist: Neopaint | Location: Akácfa street 9

BIKE | Artist: Neopaint | Location: Akácfa street 9

But it's when you find one of those big ones you get amazed and stand and look a long time trying to figure out what the artist had in mind while creating the details of work.

One of them we found at Rákóczi Bridge on the Buda side once again.

One of the Largest Mural Paintings in Budapest. Find more huge Murals in our Street Art Guide to Budapest, Hungary. Busy City | Artist: Dorottya Jakócs | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

Busy City | Artist: Dorottya Jakócs | Location: Rákóczi Bridge

This work covering 200 sqm has a lot of details and is yet different from many of the Murals - full of weird action and color! What are those three big ladies doing to the city?

BreakOne Street Art in Budapest

Another great artist that has set a colorful mark on the city is BreakOne! We fell in love with his style using a lot of color and animals in his work!