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We have great news to tell you guys today! As you probably have realized Sticks & Spoons are huge fans of Street Art and try to find it where ever we travel. But we also have a lot of fantastic Street Art in Gothenburg. Sticks & Spoons are now one of the latest Street Art Hunters at the amazing Street Art Cities site!

Looking for Street Art? Street Art Cities is a community devoted to find all Murals, Graffitti and Street Art over the World. Sticks & Spoons is a Street Art Hunter in Gothenburg, Sweden! Follow us for more Street Art articles on our Food and Travel Blog or follow us on Street Art Cities!

“Natures dust” by Llefen Carrera 

What are Street Art Cities?

When we travel and stumble upon big Murals we always get excited! Art should belong in the Street for all to see; murals with beautiful, vibrant, and colorful images in a City instead of grey concrete, glass, and company ads. Street Art and Mural Paintings is a fresh element that makes us happy!

Maybe you recognize that feeling?

Street Art Cities document Street Artists and Mural Painters work, discovered by Street Art Hunters for Tourists to find when travelling and visiting cities all over the world! Visit Street Art Cities to explore in their Street Art Guides!

That feeling was one of the reasons Street Art Cities started to connect with Street Art Hunters, to document and share Street Artist's work with you as a traveler, visitor, and tourist to Cities all around the world! Pretty Awesome!

Street Art Cities links:

Street Art Cities Official site

Street Art Cities App in Apple Store

Street Art App on Google Play

If you are curious about Street Art we have Hunted down in Gothenburg, Sweden (so far, much more to come!) feel free to check it out on the street art map below, on the site, or in the Street Art Cities app! You find Street Art like Big Murals, Mural Paintings, Paste Ups, Stencils, Graffiti, and more in the Gothenburg Street Art Guide!

Are you devoted to Street Art like Sticks & Spoons?

Feel free to Pin it on Pinterest, share it on Social Media or with family and friends! Share Street Art Inspiration! We appreciate it a lot! Thanks! <3

Huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy!

Jane & Fredrik aka Sticks & Spoons

Gothenburg Street Art Guide on Sticks & Spoons Food and Travel! Follow us on Street Art Cities to find great Street Art in Gothenburg, Sweden!

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