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We really love Budapest! The city have so much to offer and it feels like our three days in Budapest could have been a little longer! It's good to know that travel is so cheap to Budapest from Gothenburg with Wizz Air so this will not be our last visit to the City!

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We wrote some blog posts about our three days in Budapest. One of them was on Streetart & Mural Paintings and we shared it on our social media channels, tagging some Budapest based accounts which resulted in a like and a message on our Instagram from Guideme that they wanted to feature us in their online magazine! Awesome!

That's a tip for all you Travel Bloggers and Food Bloggers out there if you want to get noticed; if you think you have written a good Blog Post on a specific Destination be sure to tag your Instagram, Facebook or likewise with Top Guides Accounts!

Featured in Guideme online Magazine; Sticks and Spoons review on Streetart and Mural Paintings in Budapest

The Guides at Guideme Is really good and we actually found them before they found us as we were looking for things to do in Budapest and stumbled upon their App!


A three day Itinerary to Budapest

So if you don't want to get lost (even if that's a good way to experience new things) when in Budapest - be sure to download their great guide to the city!

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