Chatuchak Weekend Market

If travelling to Bangkok - this is a must-do! Every weekend Chatuchak Market explode with street vendours, food stands and people!

We Went to the Market by Skytrain - a very fast and smooth way to move around in Bangkok. The Market - that sometiomes spells Jatujak Market - is really buzzing and if you are looking for shopping at cheap prices this is the Place to go! You'll get amazed over prices as well as what you can get! Note: There's also a load of nice Streetfood to enjoy!

Here you can buy a lot of clothes, bojuteries, streetfood, animals (some probably for food purposes), cookware, tableware, toys....well, almost "anything"!

Be sure to visit - you have to experince it to understand! A Sticks & Spoons 5/5 recommendation!


// Sticks & Spoons

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