A Morbid Museum and delicious Boat Noodles

We started out day two with breakfast at a nearby café before taking a taxi to Siriraj Medical Museum enjoying some Bangkok temples and shrines on the way.

We love to visit museums that are a bit unusual when travelling like the Spy Museum in Berlin or Body Worlds in Amsterdam. The quiet bizarre, morbid Siriraj Medical Museum is also called "Museum of Death". Even due to the overwhelming exposure of macabre and detaileded parts of this exhibition it's still fascinating and intersting. If you're not disgusted by looking at wounded body parts, deformed fetuses, viruses, organs effected by diseases or even the full conservation and taxidermy of an infamous and heinous rapist body belonging to one of the worst criminals in Thailands history - then this is a museum for you!

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It's a 4/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation to visit!

After this odd experience we actually wanted to eat! We took another taxi to Victory Monument or Anusawari in Thai and walked the elevated skywalk north over the roundabout, passing over the canal and found the row of restaurants on the right-hand side. One of the better and most visited is Boat Noodle Alley. We went for the first one in a row of small restaurants.

The concept with Boat Noodles or "guay diow rua" in Thai is to serve bite sized noodle dishes in tiny bowls. From the beginning they were served in that size due to be able to eat and travel the canals in traditional boats at the same time. The vendors used to sell them on the water. Nowdays, many of the restaurants serve Boat Noodles in bigger portions but we were lucky to find one using the more traditional sizes.

The best thing with Boat Noodles is that they're cheap! Each taste costs from 10-25 baht and they are packed with flavour and taste. So we obviously eat a lot of them!

After the Boat Noodle Race we decided to go to the hotel and chill before going to the next race of small bites at Gaggan!

Boat Noodles in Bangkok is a 4/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation!

Also remember to enjoy the small things in life!

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