Flipper and Pinball Museum in Budapest

So, we admit! We're kinda old school and enjoy playing Pinball, Flipper, and Arcade Games. There's something special about playing Flipper or Pinball. Getting that flow; feeling like a Pinball Wizard and playing on those specific Flipper Machines you grew up with is a straight connection to your inner child - and we just love it!

Flipper Museum in Budapest Review

So last day of our visit to Budapest in Hungary we found a true gem if you love fun games like Flipper, Pinball, and Arcade machines! Are you a Pinball Fan? Did you grow up playing Flipper? Then can you imagine this; 400 sqm in a cool cellar (perfect when it's +30 C outside) with over 130 Flipper- Pinball- and Arcade machines that you can play as much as you want for under 10 Euro? Welcome to the Flipper Museum in Budapest.

Flipper and Pinball Heaven! Flipper Muzeum Budapest!

Flipper Muzeum's owner Balázs Pálfi loves Flippers! When he was young he hanged out at the Arcades playing on the machines; as soon as a new Pinball machine came he was eager to try it out. In the 70's his love for Pinball started and as a Flipper collector and Flipper-Nerd he finally back in April of 2014 was granted the license to run this fully Interactive Exhibition and Museum. We who are a bit older (if you are in your twenties or early thirties you probably have no idea what an Arcade was...) and have experienced the same can easily understand the fascination for Pinballs, Flippers, and Arcade Game Machines.

Spoons spent a lot of time in the local Flipper Hall when he was young. And not only time - he spent a lot of money as well becoming good at playing Pinball and Arcade Games.

Finding this museum by coincidence online when Sticks & Spoons were in Budapest was really like an instant "must-go". Perfect as Sticks also is a big fan of playing Flipper!

The age of some of the Pinballs is really old

Pinball Budapest

The Flipper Múzeum Budapest is a one-of-a-kind experience you can enjoy both as a child and an adult. Also a really good Family Activity in Budapest. Your Hungary Vacation and stay in Budapest should include a visit to the Flipper Museum.

Let the inner child come out to play at the Pinball Museum in Budapest!

The cellars are packed with both older and more modern Flippers. And many of them are like meeting an old friend. For Spoons it was a journey through memory lane; from Captain Fantastic via Black Knight to Revenge from Mars.

One of the first Pinballs that Spoons played in his life

One of the first Multiball Pinballs and a challenging one

Revenge from Mars - a Classic Pinball as well

What does it cost to Play Flipper at the Flipper Museum?

The Entrance Fee is worth and great value for money! For only HUF 3000, which is under 10 Euro, you can play Flipper, Arcade Games, and Pinball machines for a long, long time. The Entrance ticket to Flipper Museum is valid for the whole day!

You don't need any coins - all Flippers, Pinballs, and Arcade Games are set to be played for free. Truly, Pinball Heaven!

The Flipper Museum is very popular and spending hours here are no problem at all. Playing against each other in challenges is so much fun (right, Sticks?) and a perfect start for an evening out in Budapest.

Amazingly many Flipper, Pinball, and Arcade Machines in one spot!

So if it's a rainy or a sunny day doesn't matter; The Flipper Muzeum is, without doubt, a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation! You don't have to be a Pinball Wizard to enjoy it.

Find Flipper Muzeum's website here: http://www.flippermuzeum.hu/en/