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Gothenburg on National Geographic World's Best Food Destinations in 2019!

Gothenburg is a great City to live in! We love our beloved West Coast Pearl, known through time by epithets like "Little London", "Swedens San Francisco" and "The Frontage of Sweden"! And if you are a Foodie we have a lot to offer - A fantastic restaurant scene with a wide variety of styles, cuisines, and food concepts that will keep you and your taste buds busy! Seafood is synonymous with Gothenburg, and that's something National Geographic loved in their The World's Best Food Destinations in 2019!

A better-sized Langoustine, Spoons in the Kitchen

National Geographic

The World's Best Food Destinations in 2019

We were thrilled to read that Gothenburg and our West Coast were the only City and regions in Scandinavia on the National Geographic List of The World's Best Food Destinations 2019!

In good company and competition with many of the Cities and Countries that are on the Sticks & Spoons Food Destination Bucketlist, Gothenburg impressed the National Geographic jury and panel of Foodies.

Lobster Roll at Swedish Taste/ NK

Countries and Cities/ Regions on National Geographic The World´s Best Food Destinations:

  • South Australia: Adelaide, McLaren Vale

  • Italy: Bologna

  • Sweden: Gothenburg, West Coast

  • Lebanon: Beirut

  • Ireland: Boyne Valley

  • Peru: Cusco

  • USA: California, Sonoma County

  • Spain: San Sebastian

  • South Africa: Western Cape

  • Argentina: Mendoza

  • Mexico: Baja California

  • France: Lyon

  • Tanzania: Zanzibar

  • Thailand: Chang Mai

  • India: Mysore

  • China: Chengdu

  • Sri Lanka: Galle

Fiskekrogen, Seafood and Shellfish Buffet

Salmon dish at Bord 27, Gothenburg

Food Destination Gothenburg

We can think of many things why Gothenburg and the West Coast have an entry on the National Geographics list. Some of them are mentioned in the article. The ocean provides us with some of the World's Best Seafood and Shellfish, we have real traditional ways of taking care of our fish; foraged and fermented but also the ordinary fishing tradition is strong here and we provide all parts of Sweden with our catch.

"Above all, this area is Big Five country. Langoustines, lobsters, oysters, prawns and mussels thrive in the waters around the craggy coast" (National Geographic)

Swedish Dive-Picked Gigas Oysters on Isabelle

One of the main reasons is also our knowledge of cooking. Chefs and Culinary Teams from Sweden are always at the Top of International Competitions, which has made the Swedish people interested in both Fun and Fine Dining, Cooking at home, but also in healthy, sustainable, regional, and local produce and ingredients.

Swedish West Coast

Open Sandwich aka "Smörgås" topped with a load of prawns; probably the most traditional way of serving it in Gothenburg

With 2019 being a year for Sticks & Spoons with a lot of time exploring Gothenburg and the West Coast, with a focus on Food and Travel Writing about our hometown combined with Swedish travels - the entry on National Geographic World's Best Food Destinations in 2019, of course, will make that focus even stronger! We want to show you what we got and why you should put Gothenburg on your Bucketlist!

So check back again soon, sign up for our Newsletter (Never miss out on Great Food and New Destinations!), or view our Stories and Guides right now!

Gothenburg in our <3

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