Travel to Paris - a 3 day Travel Guide and Itinerary

Within a few minutes, we were in love with Paris! And within the same minutes, we understood that this is a city you can’t just visit once when having a weekend or just a few days here. There’s no way you can cover all things worth seeing and experiencing in that time. This is Sticks & Spoons3 day Travel Guide and Travel Itinerary to Paris!

First day in Paris! The Hotel Therese was perfectly located and within just minutes of walking, we had some nice destinations, sights, and restaurants in the area. We met up with one of Sticks San Francisco's friends that also was on the Wine Yard Wedding for a tasty Thai Dinner at Restaurant Bambou.

Dinner at Bambou

Afterward, we just strolled around the neighborhood and made some plans for the upcoming days. We soon realized that we needed to do this first Paris visit with a tight schedule.

The exhibition about Pablo Picasso's work with the Opera House was very interesting with some extraordinary works like the Picadour above

So we did the only right thing to do on day two after a visit to the beautiful Opera House Garnier; we took a tourist tour with Big Bus and their Hop-on-Hop-off buses! That’s doing it like a tourist and something we usually do not do. We love to walk when visiting new cities but with such a big city as Paris you must plan differently we guess. And it's totally worth it! With a 24-hour ticket, guide in headphones with a lot of history and facts as well as Bus Stops at all the major landmarks and spots worth visiting, it's such a convenient way to get around and see a lot!

Eiffel Tower - makes one of the most iconic city silhouettes in the World

Notre Dame Cathedral

Moulin Rouge