Spoons going Solo Travel to Oslo 17th of May

Spoons made a spontaneous decision and went for a one-day Solo Travel to Oslo to celebrate their Constitution Day on the 17th of May!

The decision was taken just hours before the bus left 02.15 from Gothenburg. Why not?

People should be more spontaneous! I encourage you...no, I DARE you to do something spontaneous today!

So when arriving in Oslo at 05.45 I went for a photo shoot on almost complete empty streets, no people around at that early hour; just me, some eiders and seagulls down at Aker Brygge. It was cozy. After a longer walk followed by breakfast all of a sudden things started to happen; people seemed to appear from out of nowhere, children in hordes waving the Norwegian flag, people everywhere all dressed up and wearing folk dresses (a LOT of folk dresses this day!), orchestras and marching bands...it all went crazy from here! Literally everyone...yes, EVERYONE are out on the streets celebrating! Norwegians sure are proud over their Constitution Day and Country and you can't help it - you feel that you're a part of the celebrations!

Starting to get hungry I sat down at xxx for some snacks and scouting for a great place to eat. I found the restaurant Happolati and decided at once! It was a shot in the dark as I hadn't made a reservation but there was some options in the area. Another walk (always walk miles and miles when in a city...) to St Olavs Plass 2 and I found Happolati being real popular; it was really crowded outside in the sun as well inside in the bar. However, the Restaurant was not that busy and I found a great table at the window.

The Dining Experience that followed was another fine example on what you can find when trying to get lost! Note to Self; always follow your gut feeling when it comes to choosing restaurants!

What a great Dinner! You can find a longer Restaurant Review in "Stories & Guides"!

After dinner it was nice to just have a longer walk. Oslo is not that big of a city so walking is great. I found a Bicycle Bar (?) - at least one of the guests brought in this Old School 10-geared Racing Bicycle and ordered a glass of water! Good! You shouldn't drink and drive!

I later went for some drinks at a bar called "Himkok" for some more celebration with Norwegians. They have some of the drinks on Tap on the top floor - however if you want some real good Cocktails you should go to the bar downstairs.

They also produce their own Spirits at Himkok - like Gin and Vodka - so you could say that all their Cocktails are Signature ones. Himkok seem to be a great place to hang out even if it's not Constitution Day. It's a cool, hip bar with great interior - and really good Cocktails of course.

It was beginning to get late and time to take the bus back to Gothenburg. However, I had time to have a look on Oslo, the Fjords and the Sun setting from the Roof Top Bar at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. You get a really nice view over the Opera House and Barcode Project with the Fjord in the background.