Bangkok Art and Culture Centre followed by Sea Life

Last day in Bangkok at this leg of our Thailand Journey. We'll be visisting again before going home with some cool dining places to come! We've eaten a LOT these days in Bangkok! Thai Cuisine is an Original Sharing Concept or Family Style of eating a lot of dishes and Thai's often eat snacks or small dishes between meals...and Sticks & Spoons have of course lived up to that tradition!

We felt like having a break from eating (believe it or not!) so we just strolled around in the Siam Area and made some Shopping...just a fruit stand or two along the way - promise! We decided to have a look at another kind of Culture then Food Culture so we went to Bangkok Art & Culture Centre - BACC and then some hours at Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World before we went back to the hotel.

But inspired by the Ocean we just had to go for Novotel's Seafood now we're stuffed again!

Tomorrow we'll travel to Buriram! Goodnight! 

// Sticks & Spoons

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