Din Tai Fung - Dope Dumplings

After so much good food in just three days we sure was ready for more! We absolutely adore Thai Cuisine but now it was time for dumplings and one of the better Dumpling Restaurants is located in Central World Shopping Centre complex, Siam on Rajdamri Road 7th Level.

Tai Fung is a fast food chain founded over 40 years ago but a franchaise that have been named one of ten best restaurants in the world - by New York Times though but anyway! It has also recieved a Michelin Star so we had some great expectations on our visit in Bangkok.

The dumplings are made traditional by hand and we couldn't make any other comparing that this must be like an asian McDonalds. Very young but highly skilled girls and boys make dumplings like a well-oiled machine in a pace that left us stare in awe! The kitchen has glass walls so you can watch this fascinating procedure up close - and we can only imagine "how fun" that must be working on those terms all day long! ;) If we open a Dumpling Shop in the future anyone working in this kitchen would totally kick our butts - great craftmanship and respect!

We ordered a variety of different fillings and all went down with a smile, ginger and soy.

We also had a serving of Taiwan Shrimp & Pork Oriental Wonton's which were served for a limited time only and they were delicious.

Overall the standard on dumplings were very high and service quick and effective - we would love this kind of fastfood back in Sweden! Din Tai Fung is a 4/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation.

Continue doing Dope Dumplings!

// Sticks and Spoons

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