Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine

During our Thailand Trip we have booked and eaten at a load of good, interesting, exceptional restaurants, we have found gems that we figuratively stumbled upon, we have found crazy-good streetfood and "whole in the wall"s but none by far have built up more exitement then the reservation we got from Gaggan.

Gaggan Anand is a real cult figure in the restaurant world - an indian boy coming from a struggling and poor family ending up being renowned as the number one chef and Best Restaurant in Asia by The World's 50 Best Restaurants - for the fourth year 2018! (we didn't know that when we visited but the hype was high anyhow!)

If you haven't seen the Netflix series "Chef's Table" we highly recommend it! Gaggan Anand is in the first season and we really loved the Gaggan-Episode!

Our hotel; Centre Point Chidlom was located just a small walk from Gaggans restaurant. Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine is actually located on a backstreet of Soi Langsuan Chidlom in downtown Bangkok; an alley that may not look like it holds a gem but paths to wonderful places are not always pretty.

However when finding the lit up, white wooden house in colonial style in the end of the street our hearts skipped a beat. What a beautiful house!

After being seated on the second floor we took in some cocktails and discussed wine selections and had a good laugh at the menu totally made up with one single emoji for each dish presented up right in the middle of a transparent paper! What a playful and wonderful way to write a 25 course tasting menu!

Does 25 dishes sound a lot? Without giving all the experience away here we must say that being able to serve that amount of dishes without getting the guests in a fatal food coma is brilliant. And at the speed the first half of the menu, put on the table with very professional presentations and enjoyed in just one exploding bite in almost every dish - a small pause for reflection and restrained admiration - and then right on to the next sensation is simply genius! It's like a food roller coaster! At the same time completely relaxed and fun but still professional in every move, in every moment! We loved every second!

With that said...we fully understand why Gaggan is the number one Asian Restaurant! It was an exceptional restaurant experience and a restaurant we must revisit.

Are you surprised that Gaggan Progressive Indian Cuisine is a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation? We will post a longer review in the Stories & Guides Section later. As soon as we are down on Earth again!

Huggy huggy, kissy, kissy!

// Sticks & Spoons

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