Restaurant Bo.lan in Bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok again after the wonderful, lazy days on two of Thailand's better islands! We just chilled on the hotel as a start, finding even more interesting things to do later on the web and letting our taste buds have some rest before our first restaurant visit at Bo.Lan!

We found and fell in love with the story of Bo.Lan early while planning our journey to Thailand. Two brilliant Chefs in Duangporn Songvisava (aka Bo) and Dylan Jones meeting at Naam in London and opening their restaurant back in Bangkok in early 2009.

The name is obviously a play with Duangporn's nickname and the end of Dylan's name but it also could be a kind of presentation of the deep and respectful philosophy in their food for traditional Thai Cuisine. "Bolan" sounds like the Thai word for "vintage" and "ancient" and their tasting menu has so much tradition and history in it but at the same time an approach that feels vibrant, playful, modern, and fresh!

Entering Bo.Lan felt like coming home. So relaxed and friendly service. Don't be surprised to get served by a barefoot waitress! At Bo.Lan you eat set menus which change very often due to seasonal ingredients and Chef's inspiration and mood which is great - knowing every dish you get is served with a lot of know-how and love put into them. Your first dish is served in the kitchen by Chef Dylan Jones and his cheering team as you enter! What a wonderful way to make an introduction!

At Bo.Lan you eat a lot of small dishes traditional Thai Style and starters came after you got a shot of strong Thai "moonshine"! We took a Beer Tasting to go with the food so as the more dishes and beers arrived we also felt more and more "tipsy" but also more comfortable as well so we enjoyed every minute!

If you want to experience an evening with a lot of tasty food and super friendly service Bo.Lan is definitely an option. Real value for money spent and a food memory for life!

We'll write a longer restaurant review of Bo.Lan in Stories & Guides later with more food photos and thoughts so check that section out!

Bo.lan is a 4/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation!

Huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy!

// Sticks & Spoons

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