Paste - a Passion for Heirloom and Traditional Thai Cuicine

Another Michelin starred restaurant we visited on our last leg in Bangkok of our Thailand Trip was Paste. The restaurant is a little bit "hard to find" as you have to go into the Gaysorn building on 999 Planchit Road and go to the third floor. An exclusively designed interior met us and we were seated on a big round table in the middle of the restaurant. Good! Because this was a "food coma 2.0" to come! We wanted to taste everything on the menu actually and get as much influences from Chef Bee Satongun as possible so the big table was welcome!

The full restaurant review of Paste will be posted in our Stories and Guides later. We really enjoyed the food which was full of heirloom passion for the Thai cuisine and beautiful presentations but the service was a little "stiff".

After our recent visit at Gaggan and our earlier experiences that Michelin restaurant visits doesn't have to be that unpersonal - we had hoped for a more relaxed service.

However, we relaxed for the staff as well so it ended up being a nice food memory!

Huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy!

// Sticks & Spoons

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