Jay Fai - the Queen of Bangkok Streetfood with a Michelin Star!

We read a lot about Jay Fai in Bangkok Magazine Online and just had to pay a visit! Being acclaimed to be the most expensive Streetfood of Bangkok she surely had to have great food to bring to the table?

And we were blown off the chairs!

In a now-iconic ski goggle outfit, this 71 years young Lady makes totally food magic with just two woks! Spoons being a Chef was spellbound by the impeccable timing and the exceptionally high standard of ingredients in the dishes while Sticks was amused at Jay Fai's constant gabbing on her team in Thai.

Afterward, we had the opportunity to "gabber" some with the Queen of Streetfood herself and our admiration grew only bigger by her wonderful personality. What an incredible devotion and drive! And the price? A given sacrifice for experience delicious, extraordinary food "any day of the week"! We hope for good health and many years of brilliant cooking to come!

We'll write a review in Stories & Guides for sure and without giving it all away - yes, it's an evident 5/5 Sticks & Spoons Recommendation! Check out our Street Food Article on Food and Travel Guides - and do comment what you think about it! It would be appreciated!

UPDATE: Here's our review,

Jay Fai - The Queen of Bangkok Streetfood

See you soon again Jay Fai!

// Sticks & Spoons

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