Koh Mak - our little Paradise in the sun

We have arrived to a Paradise Island in Thailand! Koh Mak was love at first sight and Seavana Beach Resort is a perfect spot to chill. Our Beach Front Room was luxurious with the beach and ocean just outside, a view of Koh Rayang Nai from the comfortable bed, sun chairs outside, a roof terrace and our own jacuzzi.

Seavana  Beach Resort have a great restaurant! And minding they're serving a chef and a thai lady that's a promise from us and a 5/5 Sticks & Spoons recommendation right there!

We managed to eat our way through most of the dishes in two days and all felt like a very authentic thai cuisine; spicy and tasty with beautiful presentations! Great food and excellent service. The staff at the hotel and resort overall are totally worth an extra mentioning - they're all so friendly, helpful and professional. Kudos!

Spoons went for a longer dive - or snorkling more correct - while Sticks had some massage and SPA luxury treatment time.

The Island is quiet small and we hired a scooter to explore some more of the Island: It's easy to find your way around - just minding to drive on the left side in Thailand when we drive on the right in Sweden!

Our last day on Koh Mak we just eat some more, dived some more, explored some more and had a final SPA massage before saying goodbye's and going to the pier for travelling back to Koh Chang. Our speedboat broke down so we had an extra hour at sea - sadly for Bao Bang Boats though.

We sure would like to travel back here again. It's a perfect Island to load your batteries, getting some tranquility, piece of mind, taking care of yourselves and just enjoying the little miracle of being alive.

Stay tuned - next stop and destination Koh Chang once again!

// Sticks & Spoons

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