Jetlag and a "slow start" in Bangkok

Arriving in a cloudy Bangkok. This city is SO big! Spending 13 hours on an airplane and then being exposed to the city pulse can be tiring but we are so thrilled to be here!

We checked in at Novotel Ploenchit Sukhumvit Hotel. With almost no sleep on our flight it would be tempting to take a Power Nap...however we discovered that we have a large area of streetfood and street vendors just around the corner so no time to waste! First a quick shower and then; Let's Eat!

We kind of "slow started" our food escapade and took the Skytrain to Terminal 21 at Asok. Inside we found the restaurant "Moom-Muum Park - Street Dining Room and Bar" and just to get our stomaches aclimmatized we ordered some sharingdishes...four of them...a great idea...? Nope. Result: a brutal Food Coma AND Jetlag!

So now we need that Power Nap! Because we need to have a look at that Streetfood!

See you zzzzooon.......

// Zzzzticks & Zzzzpoons

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