Buriram with Family reunions

After five days in The Big City of Bangkok we made a break for a reunion with Sticks family and went to Buriram in Isan Province in the northern eastern part of Thailand.

Travelling shortly with Nok Air about an hour from Don Mueng Airport we had a warm welcome from our hosts in Sticks Family on our second leg of our Thailand Trip and looking forward to five days.

Our stay started out with a Family Feast the first evening at a local restaurant noone seemed to know the name of - referred to just as "the-restaurant-with-the-dinosaur-statue" (later we figured out that the restaurant was called "Two Sisters" but in Thai). We eat nine courses with two servings of each dish shared Family Style with dishes like the infamous Ant Egg Salad (photo above), Laab with Duck with deep fried Duck Heads on the side, Laab with Pork, Som Tam, Soup with Pork Short Ribs, Yam with Beef Topside, grilled Pork Collar and stirfried rice with Pork.

Serving 8 adults and two children for $56 or €53 - including water and 2 big Chang Beers - all in all!

And then the feast just continued! We eat about all the time actually! First breakfast...and then second breakfast! Kind alike Hobbits! =) For lunch several dishes. Just a little Soup and noodles in the afternoon before going out and eat dinner Isan-Hot Pot-Style on buffet with "all you can eat" concept! Oh, I didn't mention the snacks in between every meal, did I? Luckily there's almost no stop when eating delicious Thai Food but it was quiet overwhelming. In a good way, of course!

Eat what You Love and Love what You Eat!

// Sticks & Spoons

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