Back to Koh Chang

Leaving Koh Mak was hard - we enjoyed our stay in the Beach Front Room and the tranquility of the small island so much.

However arriving to the hotel Santhiya Tree Resort and getting an upgrade to a room with a pool was a nice start for our last two days on the islands of Koh Mak and Koh Chang.

We decided to eat the buffet by the sea in the evening. Delicious seafood and it was a romantic and perfect end of a long day.

Santhiya breakfast was excellent with a wide selection of western type of breakfast, asian breakfast, perfect omelettes, hot dishes, newly baked bread and pastry, fresh fruits - shortly everything you might want.

The hotel also have a professional SPA so Sticks had a two hour treatment day two while Spoons enjoyed the beach. (Do we see a pattern here...?)

We spent the days eating good in the restaurant, bathing in the sea and pool, just relaxing, swinging and enjoying the hotel. This place fits perfect for travelling couples. We enjoyed our stay very much but some late confirmed reservations for restaurant visits back in Bangkok made us exited to go big city again for the last leg of our Thailand Trip.

We have an Epic upcoming fifth leg of our Thailand Trip! We're totally psyched about our latest two restaurant reservations! And some Aces up our sleeves as well!

Bo.lan - Friday 21st

Gaggan - Saturday 22nd

Paste - Sunday 23rd

We'll try to find the time to eat at the most expensive Streetfood in Bangkok at Jay Fai, try out the Omakase Style Dessert Experience at Kyo Bar, maybe some of the bars from the recommendations of the hottest rooftop and outdoor bars in town and also search for some of the gems in the most popular Neighborhoods as well - all sources, links and tips come from the very inspiring and comprehensive BK Magazine Online!

So be sure to check back on Sticks & Spoons' Stories & Guides with foodreviews, hotelreviews and guides to be published as soon as we have slept away the food coma! =)

Huggy, huggy, kissy, kissy!

// Sticks & Spoons

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