Airport Street Art and Graffiti in Nice

We know, right? It's a lot of Street Art, Mural Paintings and Graffiti right now in the Sticks & Spoons Headquarters! Don't worry - we are not turning to a 100% Streetart Blog; we're still focusing on Food and Travel! However; what are you supposed to do when finding so much cool art on the streets but sharing the street artists work with you all?

When arriving early to Nice, France from Budapest, Hungary we got a great surprise already at the airport! Just outside the terminal we found Street Art! Artists had been given space to welcome new visitors to Nice with colorful, thoughtful and beautiful art. This is our Top 3 picks on Nice Airport Street Art and Graffiti!

Street Artist: Faben
"En Amour comme en art l'essentiel est de remettre en question, la plus grand combat est contre soi-même"

Street Artist: Kotek
"Spécialiste du décor, il aime faire voyager les gens à travers ses univers poétiques"

Street Artist: Art du Noir WEAL et SACRIFICE
"Spécialisés dans l'art du lettering et de l'hyper-réalisme, ils sont aussi habiles à la bombe de peinture qu'au demographe ou pinceau"

So finding Airport Street Art was energizing after the early flight from Budapest and our AirBnB just beside infamous Hotel Negresco at Promenade des Anglais was ok. Great start on our Nice stay!

Otherwise it seems like Street Art in Nice isn't that common? Or do you know of any Murals, Mural Paintings, Graffiti and Sticker Art we might have missed? Post comments!

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Stay Awesome!

// Sticks & Spoons

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