Song Kran Festival in Buriram

If you haven't experienced the Thai New Year Celebrations - Song Kran - you'd better write it on your Bucketlist right away!

The festive mood, the playfulness and joy while having a giant water war for three days is so energizing and fun! Both children and grownup's share the same interest of getting wet with laughter and smiles. Song Kran is a Festival and are celebrated to welcome the new year - in Thailand the new year is 2560 if you wonder. The overwhelming amount of water used to celebrate is a symbol for washing away your sins and prepere you for a new start!

It's also a huge Family Tradition to meet on Song Kran especially the Elders of a Family are an important part of the celebrations. Thai's call this Rot Nam Dam Hua where the younger gets the elders blessing.

During Song Kran it's impossible NOT getting wet and the whole city is filled with pickup cars with people playing high music and throwing water on everyone they pass. Along the road and in every corner there are gangs with waterguns, buckets and hoose's answering the "firing" of water. It's totally crazy! But crazy fun for sure!

Around Thunder Castle Stadium, Chang International Circuit and Buriram Castle was a huge area filled with music, happenings, people dancing, celebrating, parades and of course water, water, water everywhere combined with getting color and talc powder  smeared on your cheeks and forehead with a big smile!

We also had some really nice food at the large Streetfood Market in access to the Festival Grounds where we met up with Sticks Family all soaking wet for dinner. We went home and showered and put on some dry clothes and thought we just should go for a beer and something more to eat (what else?) and maybe meet up with some childhood friends to Sticks...with the result that we got all wet again!

Life is short - Enjoy Your Happy Times!

// Sticks & Spoons

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