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Round it up in a List Post

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is by definition and explained in a single sentence, a page, article, or blog post online with a subject or topic that isn't affected by time. In other words, it's simply Evergreen.

Why is Evergreen Content Important?

With Evergreen Content, you have an incredible opportunity to gain traffic for a long time. If your Evergreen Content is on point it can build trust and authority, making your site climb in the SERP. As a part of your Digital Blog Strategy, Evergreen Content will do wonders with your site's SEO, but it will also connect your brand with your fans and bring great insights and valuable information for a new audience. 

What is an Evergreen Content topic?

No matter the niche, you can create unique Evergreen topics to share with the world! For instance, you can do step-by-step guides, checklists, or inspirational content on your favorite subject. Whether you want to create Evergreen Content for your Blog or make Evergreen Content for Business purposes on your brand's site, this type of content is undoubtedly a magnet for your readers to share and boost their engagement.

This is how to write Evergreen Content and build a strategy around it

With our 6 steps in "The Evergreen Content Strategy," you will learn the benefits of Evergreen Content, which types to create, and when to use them. We will give you great examples of Evergreen Content and show you how to change your online presence game for the better if sticking to the simple plan.


Feel free to share, and if you do, or like what you read here, be sure to give us a heads-up and throw in some feedback too, because we appreciate that a lot.

Let us dive right into it!


Find a topic with strong keywords that allow you to make Evergreen Content in your niche. This will improve your site's SEO, gain readers, and most important of all, it will give you content you can use to create unlimited Infographics, Round-ups, YouTube or PodCast series, etc. Be creative! 

No matter your niche, the topics can be diverse. What you absolutely should remember is that your Evergreen Content should solve a problem or give your readers a new angle, new information, education, a piece of great advice, or helpful tips about their interests.

 If it does, you could disassemble your chosen subject into sub-topics, "Boosting Your Evergreen Content Creating Clusters" with new interesting posts that all will be pointing to the Evergreen Original, of course.

If the sub-topics run out, this next step in The Evergreen Content Strategy is a simple, yet powerful way to create even more Clusters.


Reach out to “competitors” – correction; they are colleagues – in the same niche as yours, asking for their opinion on those specific topics in your Evergreen Content. In exchange, tell them that you can offer a shout-out and backlink to their site/ blog/ Podcast/ YouTube Channel, or likewise.


Now, "Round it up in a List Post", add your own opinions, and publish. The next step is simply to get back to your colleagues and ask them politely to share the results if they want to.


Go from being the annoying dude to the cool one. Give away your best tips and advice for free in Blog Posts, Newsletters, on SoMe, and on other platforms. This will make your connection with visitors closer, increase your fan base, attract new readers, and build authority and trust; the latter two things that Search Engines love too.


You could, and should if monetizing your content, include Affiliate Links or links to your site but do so without the prominent CTA, Call to Action, buy something, sign up here, etc. The rule is "Don’t sell, it will happen anyways".


This mindset is truly important when "Building Your Story Brand" and is the best path to take if wanting to become successful in the long run. It's, by all means, no Fly-by-Night thing.


"SMART Blogging" is simply to follow the method of SMART. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Keep it simple and structured using the (EVER) SMART method. What Ever Smart means here is actually to not make your post Timely. If it's Evergreen there's no deadline or point where your post will be out of date, it just needs to be up to date as described in the last step.


If you want to know more about SMART check out "How to Create SMART Content" where we explain how important this is.


Go from being the annoying dude to the cool one. Give away your best tips and advice for free in Blog Posts, Newsletters, on SoMe, and on other platforms. You could; and should - include Affiliate Links or links to your site but do so without the prominent CTA to buy something, sign up, etc. The rule is "Don’t sell"…that will happen anyways.


Just because this Strategy is called The Evergreen Content Strategy, you must understand that no content is truly Evergreen. The topic can be sure, but the content will change as trends and our world change. And Search Engines love new content so be sure to update and refresh your Evergreen Content.

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