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Hello We are Happy to see You!

We are a traveling couple and Food Travel Writers from Sweden, sharing our Stories & Guides with you while traveling to Top Food Destinations - Exploring a World of Food one bite at a time. Recently our daughter and son were born making this a Family Business.

You can expect anything from great Streetfood to Michelin-starred Restaurant Reviews, Food Travel Guides, and helpful Family Travel Tips spiced up with our personal guides to some really cool Street Art and Murals on our traveled destinations.

Sticks and Spoons Food Travel Blog is focused on Food Travel, Travel Guides, Street Art Guides, but also Content Marketing, SEO and How to Create a Digital Blog Strategy if you are a Content Creator.

Food Travel Blog

We will Travel for Food

Travel - Eat, Create - Repeat is our motto. We are Food Tourists and Food Travellers by heart. Food traveling with kids may have it's a fair amount of challenges but we look forward to introducing them to our world of food.


Quiet natural when mum and dad are a hard-working waitress and a professional chef!


We are happy you decided to join us. Now, let's dig in and eat!

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Stories and Guides with Sticks and Spoons Food Travel- Get inspired with find restaurant reviews, food and wine tours, an inspiring itinerary, Food Travel Guides, or Street Art Guides.

Stories & Guides

Food Travel Projects

Writing about Food and Travel is our fire to inspire. That has resulted in several projects like the site Food and Travel Guides connecting Food Travel Bloggers from all over the world, a Digital Blog Strategy helping content creators and businesses to become more visible online, and two Swedish sites; one niched towards the Restaurant Business, the other about How to start a Food Truck in Sweden.

Our Journey with food follows the beaten path we have chosen but if there's a less beaten one out there, we are not afraid to take it.


Life is Now.

In our One-Stop Travel Shop you will find Travel Resources and Travel Products helping you to plan your next trip, and inspire you to travel on a budget. Start planning for Food Travel here.

One-Stop Travel Shop

Where is Your Next Food Destination?

In our One-Stop Travel Shop, you will find both travel inspiration and the best travel resources online today. Shortly; travel resources we know well and use ourselves when planning a family trip together, a weekend getaway, or a tasteful food tour.


Every journey we've made so far has sharpened our travel planning skills to the point of becoming our own travel budget strategy: Travel Plan like a Ninja! This little travel hack has saved us a lot of time - and money! Money that can be spent on activities, attractions, and more food experiences (of course) on our Food Destinations.

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