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The new site:

The New Site (to clarify; sticksandspoons.com is NOT the site!) is scheduled to be launched 1st of July 2018. It's strictly open to register only if you run a Blog about Food, Travel or both. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo Channel about the same topics you are welcome to join as well!

Today we are 30+ Food and/ or Travel Blogs already connected!

Your registration:

  • First of all; it’s FREE FOREVER to join!

  • You’ll get a profile and featured presentation on your own page of the site

  • ALL YOUR LINKS to website and blog

  • ALL YOUR LINKS to Social Media platforms, Food/ Travel App Accounts of your choice

  • PHOTOS of your choice – one of these must be a profile picture (if you're a Travelling Couple like us it would be nice if you both were in the picture of course!)

  • ONE ARTICLE complete with quality content and photos about a FOOD or TRAVEL related topic of your choice (with backlinks to your site etc – it's up to you)! We will make it free to do more then one articles later for all contributors but one article is crucial for launching your profile. We'll send free advice on how to write a quality content article when you register!

  • UNLIMITED BLOGPOSTS as you’ll get free access to post as long as our easy T&C are checked and followed

  • UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES to start co-work Projects, collaborations with other bloggers like guest blog posts, co-writing, tips on how to become a better blogger etc in the Forum and Community within the site!

  • GET MORE promotion becoming a TOP BLOGGER – the more you contribute, the more lights on you of course! There’s an own section with Top Bloggers which of course will increase traffic and acknowledgement.

  • YOU CAN DELETE your free account anytime you want!


What we bring to the table to start with:

  • Fully SEO-optimized site with a GREAT URL!

  • Content that will attract both Food and Travel interested readers – this will be a slow process but will definitely increase with time and content as this is a completely new site

  • We love win-win-win situations (yes, three...!) so one of our priority goals is to make your blog visable and drive traffic to your blog and website getting you more readers…and more business!

  • Forum feature for networking with equals and starting co-operated projects together!

  • Site Driven Writing Projects which everyone are free to participate in. We have loads and loads of ideas here so this feature will probably have an own section.

  • A wonderful opportunity to meet new friends for life!

Your Profile:

  • The information you submit in your registration will be public in your Profile. It’s your responsibility to provide correct information and secure that your content that you post don’t break any laws. You must approve your Profile before we make it public.

Becoming a Top Blogger:

  • As a Top Blogger you will get additional exposure on the site, you can post an indefinitely amount of articles, access new and exclusive features as we add them. Becoming a Top Blogger is all about how much you want to contribute and spots are open. Prior the spots will be given to the ones who sign up first but will change monthly.

A clarification about your Privacy

  • We will never share your information with third parties and follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which have been increased since 25.05.2018. Together with our site provider WIX, we ensure that your data is even safer with us.

 Posting Guidelines in Forum, Articles and Blog posts:

  • All posts and content must be written in English and have a subject about Food and/ or Travel related topics

  • Don’t harass, insult, offend or act condescending to anyone at anytime.

  • Posting rascist, nude/ pornographic, illegally or violent content, pictures or links of any kind will not be accepted and will lead to immediate expulsion from the site.

  • Any rights of third parties must not be violated by any member.

  • We reserve the right to delete content that contradicts our guidelines.


If you have any questions feel free to drop us a mail!

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