Two months with Food and Travel Guides online!

We celebrated two months online with our second Project beside Sticks & Spoons; Food and Travel Guides, on the 1st of September 2018! During spring and summer we have connected with some great Food Bloggers and Travel Bloggers but actually it feels like we're just getting started with the site! This is our story so far!

Are you a Food Writer and run a Food Blog? Are you a Travel Writer and run a Travel Blog? Then you might want to read how our first two months with Food and Travel Guides have been!

Our first connection with a blogger was with Tereza who writes on Czick on the Road and she immediately understood that Food and Travel Guides was a good idea (Why being humble about it? Correction; it's a brilliant idea! More about the idea later...)! She sent in an interesting Travel Article within days after the registration! It was a "bundle-up"of a series of Blog Posts on her site about Czick on the Road's visit to Peru - and that's a technique we strongly recommend when writing the first Article for Food and Travel Guides! Great work!

After Czick on the Road had joined; a big bunch of Bloggers registered in just a couple of weeks - all in all we had over 50 Bloggers showing interest in the Project! Amazing.

A small leap forward; after working offline since May 2018 it began to look good enough to set deadlines for articles from our First Stage Bloggers and go live! And who were our First Stage Bloggers that have been around since start (besides Sticks & Spoons quiet obviously and Czick on the Road)? In chronological registration order:

After setting everything up online just on time for the scheduled launch date we thought we needed a vacation! However; we made an "inventory" and found that all in all 67 Bloggers now had made a registration but only 15 had written an article (which is crucial to launch the profile on Food and Travel Guides) so we made a Friendly Reminder mail to all Food and Travel Bloggers once again with a call for action and got three more joining in The Second Stage Bloggers and they were:

And now we are at The Third Stage Bloggers which in the present are writing new articles, food guides and travel guides for being promoted on our site and all our channels!

"So what's the hook?"

We have got that question so many times already! There's no hook - we actually do all this work for your visibility for FREE! And it's FREE FOREVER to join Food and Travel Guides!

So if you run a Food Blog, Travel Blog - or even better like us and many of the great Bloggers above; you run a Food and Travel Blog - what are you waiting for? We want new inspiring Food Writers, Travel Writers for Food and Travel Guides! Join our Bloggers and our community! It will open up a world of opportunities and collaboration possibilities with new friends! That's a guarantee from us!

Food and Travel Guides are your springboard and will make your promotion for your work a lot easier! We will promote your site, blog and all your Food and Travel Guides-content on our selected Social Media Channels and Food/ Travel Platforms at any cost - without any cost for you! We'll give you a load of backlinks sharing your content on Communities like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook but also the "not-so-common-ones" like Townske, HYPE etc - which of course in the end will result in more traffic to your site with time.

Does it sound interesting? Here are some quick links for more information: