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What do you have on your walls at home? Being a traveller, a wanderluster and an explorer of our world you sure must have one or two artworks at home that inspire you to travel more?

We had a quick look into Travel Art that inspire and here's our list on where to find great wall art, artistic travel photography and travel art for re-fueling your travel inspiration at home!


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WORLD MAP in a modern black background print on canvas (different layouts)

We really would love to have a beautiful Map of our World on the wall at home! And there's a lot of stores to buy a World Map and other Travel Art online. First Wall Art have a big selection to coose from!

BLUE SEA SUNSET large Sea wave view panel 48" x 24"

Nothing Inspires us at Sticks & Spoons more then Art of the Ocean. We guess it's the Sailor within us all that long for Sea and Shores! At Pyradecor you might find some inspirational and beautiful seashores to admire!

HUMPBACK WHALE ocean photo on canvas

Nature itself never stops to make us wonder - or wander! If you're into Nature Photography, Oceanic scenery and Mountains for instance, you might like this majestic humback whale photo from Artistic Path?

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ZION NATIONAL PARK 3 piece photo print on canvas 48" x 32" (more sizes available)

National Parks like Zion are popular themes for wall art! You can find great photos from Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Canyonlands and many more beautiful destinations, perfect for the Off the Beaten Track Travellers and Explorers home at the art store Decor Arts.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE 5 panels photo print on canvas wall art

City views and Skylines are very popular Travel Inspiring Art as well. New York Citys Brooklyn Bridge, San Franciscos Golden Gate for sure, but not only bridges is a common photo object to inspire City Travel. You'll find more Travel City Art at Weico Art!

COCONUT TREE ON SANDS BEACH Panoramic Seascape Scenery on Long Canvas

Paradise views with beaches, sandy shores and coconut trees makes us long for that trip to a Tropical Island. At Yearainn they have some great Paradise Photos to hang on your wall!

BORA BORA aerial view 40" x 30" by Johanna Huber

And Aerial Views will give you even more dreams of Island Travels! Earth is beautiful from above! Why not make an own Travel Art Photo Canvas? At Canvas on Demand you can print out your best Travel Photos and make your home special! And maybe sell them to other Travellers as well?

GRAND CANYON HORSESHOE BEND 5 panels photo canvas (different sizes)

Iconic Spots are always Inspiring Travel Art! Have you been to Horseshoe Bend? Maybe you have stood at this exact spot and taken your own iconic Travel Photo? For more Travel Photos and Travel Art visit Wall Art on Amazon!

This was our suggested Art Stores Online where you can find Travel Art, Travel Photos, Maps and World Maps for your Home. Never stop Exploring or get inspiration to Travel More!

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