Spending time and money in Nice

Ok, the headline may be a little misguiding as we actually enjoyed the city and loved the experience of our main purpose with our visit but it's VERY expensive being a tourist in Nice! Getting a sunbed on a crowded stone beach for 50 Euro or drinking a bottle of ordinary Carlsberg lager beer for 9 Euro is not really up our alley.

Luckily we were here for a different reason - a Wine Yard Wedding!

We had our stay in a small Airbnb apartment just beside Parade de Anglais and the infamous Negresco Hotel that was...well, ok...with a little help from its location. The entrance was really smelly and it was quite a long way to take yourself from the main entrance to the apartment so you had a great time practicing to hold your breath. We don't know what created the smell but whatever it was it wasn't alive...

The Beaches of Nice are crowded with stones

We hang out on the beach the first two days, breakfast on the Parade, eating lunch in the city center, had some ice cream and snacks, had smaller servings and drinks on the main street, and managed to use as much as the whole of Budapest Budget just in two days. Without eating anything fancy; just breakfast and ordinary food, drinking a few beers, taking a few glasses of wine? Right. Nice is nice but as a tourist, it's expensive on the edge of ridiculousness if you don't know exactly where to go. We didn't bother. We were here for the Wedding!

We'd never been to a French wedding and it was a lovely experience! The ceremony at the City Hall and in the Church were both interesting while the wedding couple Emmanuelle and Julien were beyond beautiful; shining with love and happiness!

The Cocktail Party and Wedding Dinner was held at Chateau Vaudois

The Chateau is wonderfully located in the Roquebrunde sur Argens area

Chateau Vaudois, France

The front garden is great for mingling, canapées and Champagne

Chateau Vaudois was a perfect place for a Wedding Party! Surroundings couldn't be better. Service and arrangements were impeccable. The band playing in the Garden added the perfect background to a mingle with the wedding guests. We all enjoyed the moment and had a great time. And the evening even continued better!

After the Mingle, you definitely could say The Party started! Wedding couple Emmanuelle and Julien got all guests in a great Party mode and the feeling could best be compared to the best night out ever - with dance, dance, and dance! Perfect hosts of their own big day!

The Garden after a nice dinner with good company, french food and a lot of happenings and funny moments at the wedding party. Overall, this is the best wedding we have been to so far! We are deeply grateful we got to be a part of your wedding, Emma and Julien! We wish you good health, happiness, and success in your marriage!

Sunset over Chateau Vaudois