New Neighbourhood! Sticks & Spoons Headquarters!

Finally Sticks & Spoons have an own place to call "Home"! Even if we would love to Travel Fulltime someday our Headquarter is the Heart of everything.

And we are really lucky when it comes to location in our windy Gothenburg!

Kville Saluhall, a Food Market at Vågmästarplatsen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Home of Sticks & Spoons!

We live at the top floor of the brown building straight ahead. With a Food Market/ Market Hall/ Food Hall just outside! Now, how convinient is that for a Chef and Waitress? The photo is taken from the bridge where the Tram Station is located.

Going in to "Down Town Gothenburg" takes just 5 minutes and there's several Lines to access the City Centre, Central Station and other parts of Gothenburg from here.

From the bridge you can walk right into "Kville Saluhall" with a Fish Monger, Butcher and several Restaurants (we think it's 5 of them?...and an Ice Cream producer too!) for instance a Meat & Grill Restaurant, a Peruvian one and a Sushi Place. They have outdoor seatings on the top level and when it's sunny a lot of people gather here.

Fresh Fish in the Counter at "Kville Saluhall" in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here you can find fresh fish and shellfish!

Inside we can buy fresh fish and shellfish. The counters are always filled with something interesting to cook. We haven't had this luxury of having a Fish Monger so close to home so we guess we'll be eating a lot more fish from now on!

Charcuterie Counter with dried hams, salami, sausages and more delicious charcuterie and cheese. Food Market photo with great charcuterie products!

Charcuterie and Cheese is a big favourite in the Sticks & Spoons Headquarters as well! The Butcher has a big section of worldwide charcuterie beside a great selection of prime cuts!

Fresh Mussels, Shrimps and Langoustines in the Fish Monger's Counter!

The Seafood inside "Kville Saluhall" is great and to reasonable prices. Langoustines and ECO-Mussels catched just outside Gothenburg Coast is our favourite.

Asian Con Fusion at Food Lab by Tildas! Great steak tartare, Bao Buns and chicken wings!

There's a lot of Restaurants in this neighbourhood - but with an Asian Fusion Restaurant; "Food Lab by Tildas" just around the corner we think we have found a second home. We love Asian Cuisine! They also have a small and cozy outdoor serving area in the sun (as seen in the top photo - where they still hadn't open yet) where you can sit and sip on a glass of wine or beer.

Asian Steak Tartare! At Sticks and Spoons Food and Travel Blog you find Food photography, food pics and food inspiration!

Asian Inspired Steak Tartare at "Food Lab by Tildas" was really tasty!

Chicken Wings Asian Style! Sticky, tasty Chicken Wings that are mouthwathering!

Sticky and flavourful Chicken Wings was really nice as well!

Bread from the Bakery for Breakfast! Great bakery in our new neighbourhood in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Straight over the street we have a famous bakery; "Dahl's"! So to get freshly baked bread for Breakfast is easy. And Cinnamon Buns! All kind of Buns actually. They have some pastry as well. When thinking about it, maybe Dahl's is TO close..? ;)

"Alkemisten" is a real Hipster Coffee Bar in Gothenburg, Sweden. Great coffee unlikely anything else!

And if you want to drink some Hipster Coffee we have "Alkemisten Kaffebar & Kafé" in the other side of the building. Great coffee! So different from what all Coffee Chains around town do!

This side of Gothenburg have surprised us from start and we have just scratched the surface! Just the other day we discovered a Charcoal Grill, a great Pizza Place and a bunch of Asian and Indian Fast Food Restaurants within a small walk distance from home!

We will defenitely love to live here!

Huggy, huggy, Kissy, kissy!

// Sticks & Spoons