Do you blog about Food?

We do! And we love to connect with other Foodbloggers! There's no easy way or easy fix to become a famous food blogger. We're not! We don't aim to become fulltime bloggers either but we love blogging about food experiences and that might be a good start to create a Food Blog.


With that said; we don't know everything about blogs, blogging or even how another blogger think and what their reasons for running a foodblog might be but we do know how Sticks & Spoons want to blog about food and also how we make our foodblog-connections with others!

The Food Blog at Sticks & Spoons is also a Travel Blog and sometimes they become a mix of each other and that blogging model is fine with us. However, the guides will give you some useful quick and easy tips to increase blog connections and blog-followers without attending the tiring follow - unfollow game that many Foodie Blogs out there play daily.


We have gathered our personal blogviews and best tips on how to gain blog-success and get new food blog connections in this guide. Please let us know if you found it usefull!

1) YouR Food Blog content is crucial to attract blogreaders

No surprise. But content in your blog should also be of good SEO quality so blog Search Engine Optimized! Don't you know anything about SEO and how SEO works? Don't worry! Brian Dean knows a lot about SEO. Here's some of his free SEO lessons on his YouTube Channel we learned from. And it's really a matter of interest. Do you want to connect with new Food Bloggers? Well, dig in! Learn anything you can about SEO even if it's just a little because the result can be huge!


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