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Hi there! Jane & Fredrik aka Sticks & Spoons here! Please take a minute or two to read this because it may be a great positive change in your blogging achivements and goals!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have an Idea of bringing fellow Top Bloggers together for sharing experiences, guest blog posts, collaborations between blogs and bloggers, increasing each others blogsphere, link exchanges and backlinks, maybe even blogger meet up’s while travelling but also for boosting some serious SEO and content to each other blogs and sites which in the long run will make your sites more visable!

And we think you can be one of those Top Bloggers we want to join!

The project is called ”Food & Travel Blogger Summit” and this is the idea in some easy sentences;

* 100% Free Forever to Join! It’s a non-profit project but with a win-win-win for all participating!
* 100% Free Forever registration including your profile, all your links, all future contacts and possibilities to connect and collaborate with fellow Bloggers etc - No charges or strings attached whatsoever!
* You can participate, contribute or collaborate how little or how much you want - it’s totally up to you!
* Of course you can quit or erease your profile whenever you want to as well!

Think about ”Food & Travel Blogger Summit” as a giant web of contacts, content, blogposts and backlinks. Search Engines like Google, Bing etc love content - it’s basically their whole Business Idea; to show relevant content. Together we can build and provide a lot of relevant content about our favourite topics; Food, Travel or even both!

The possibilities here are endless!

Feel free to email any questions you might have to fredrik@sticksandspoons.se and we’ll give you answers!

Sounds interesting? We hope so! Let’s connect and do this!

Safe Travels!

// Jane and Fredrik aka Sticks & Spoons


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