Compare Travel Insurances

Travel Insurance or no Travel Insurance? And if you'll need to buy a Travel Insurance; which one is the perfect Insurance so you can Travel Safely? That's the Questions we'll try to answer in our Travel Guide "Compare Travel Insurances"!

In Sweden, a Travel Insurance is often included in your Home Insurance but we know many travellers don't have the same safety net like us, so we dived into this topic and this is what we found on Travel Insurances!


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Safe Travels! Stay Awesome!

Are you a Digital Nomad or location independent person falling between the cracks when it comes to having an insurance while travelling or a lack of national safety nets when abroad? Safety Wing have the solution!

The founders of Safety Wing are Nomads themselves and realized the absense of a proper safety net for people in the same situation.  

Safety Wing's Travel Insurance for only $37 for 28 days, is available for you wherever you live and covers both your Travel (travel delays, If you loose checked luggage, emergency response and natural disasters as well as personal liability) and Medical (get access to a qualified global network of hospitals and doctors for unexpected medical problems and accidents, including coverage for Doctors, Hospitals and Emergency medical evacuation) while being outside your home country - to approx to a third of the price compared to the biggest Insurance Companies for the same coverage!

Great features like being able to buy abroad and stay abroad with automatic monthly payments until you pick an end-date, covered visits to your home country and including a child (between 14 days and 10 years old) without extra cost really makes Safety Wing one of the best Travel Insurances on the Travel Market today!


Travel Insurance with a Medical Condition

y now you may want to know more about who we are. It goes without saying that you want to partner with a reputable business that’s right for your brand as well as your audience. We understand. In short: we make it easier for people living with medical conditions to get the travel insurance they need and enjoy the freedom to explore the world.  

Want to know more? See if you agree with the following.

Medical conditions are a fact of life. Everyone on the planet is affected by them - either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately getting travel insurance once you declare a medical condition can be very frustrating. If you don’t declare your medical conditions, your cover won’t be valid. But the moment you do, most insurers dramatically inflate their premiums. For serious conditions, they might turn you away altogether.

We do things differently.

TI4M was born from a family business that has been providing specialist cover for travel-lovers with medical conditions since 1973. Over the years we have developed trusted relationships with the best medical travel insurance underwriters in the business. That means we can offer competitively priced policies to travellers who have been quoted prohibitively high premiums elsewhere. In some cases we make travel possible when our customers have been unable to get a policy with other insurers. And we provide a range of options to make sure everyone receives the cover they need to travel in confidence.

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