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A Journey Starts with a Single Step and in our "One-Stop Travel Shop" we're here to help you make that step simple as 1-2-3! Welcome to our travel guide "Find Cheap Flight Tickets Online"! 


The Flight Tickets Guide will help you step-by-step on how to find the best flight ticket comparison sites for quick searches making it real easy to compare airfares and flights.

In fact; if you take your time reading this Travel Guide we can guarantee you will change your way of booking Airfares and Flight Tickets online - finding the cheapest and best travel option available!


With helpful reviews of airlines, great travel tips that works quickly when you want to book flight tickets on the go at the lowest prices and guidelines how to best match your personal needs for travel right now - this can totally be worth continue reading!


To put it shortly; we will give you top travel hacks and our best, helpful tips to buy flight tickets for cheap and travel more!

All You need to book cheap flight Tickets

We have scanned professional Travel Communities in answers to some of the most popular questions about finding cheap plane tickets online today. Add this information with travel insights like airline and travel business resources and reports combined with our own experiences travelling on a budget, and you get a real different Travel Guide - in the best of ways:

We will be totally honest about pitfalls and issues surrounding this topic too!

Because booking a flight online can create a lot of questions and insecurity.


When is the best time to book flight tickets at the lowest price? Why are flight tickets so expensive in 2019? And can you get around it somehow? Are Flight Tickets Refundable? Can an Airline Ticket be transferred to another person? Where can I find the Cheapest Airline Tickets, Airfares and Flight Tickets Online?


These are all relevent questions. 


Great news! You'll find the answers and learn much more in our guide and FAQ about Flight Tickets further down.

Our easy top guide will not only give you the best tips and hacks to the cheapest flight tickets online today.


Our Guide will give you answers to any flight related question you might have when purchasing Flight Tickets online.


It will make you a smarter Globetrotter being able to travel more!

There's bucks to save for you here! Lets fly right into it!

Table of Content:

  1. Our Best Tips to Book a Cheap Flight

  2. When is the Best Time to book Flight Tickets?

  3. Cheapest Day to Fly!

  4. Plane Tickets with Stop Over

  5. FAQ about Flight Tickets

  6. More Airfares and Flight Tickets Sites

  7. The Ultimate Hack for Cheap Flight Tickets

  8. BONUS: Are there Black Friday Flight Deals?


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Where's Your Next Destination?


Our Best Tips to Book a Cheap Flight

To find where to buy the cheapest flight tickets online can be hard!

No. Actually it's real easy to find a site that sell cheap flight tickets and airfares. But there's much more to it then just finding a website where you can buy flight tickets at the lowest prices. Because they will all claim they have the cheapest plane tickets. And frankly, that's not always the case.


If you want to find flight tickets for cheap you need to put a lot of work into it.

Absolutely not. You are sitting with the greatest tool ever to find cheap travel tickets online in front of you!


Reading this guide might seem like hard work (yeah, it's a long one but not that long!) but it can really make a difference on how you will book flights in the future.


Because there's a huge difference between just buying and knowing when to buy at the cheapest price!  

Don't worry! We will show you how to find the cheapest airfares and when to buy the cheapest flight tickets right here! 

Fasten your seatbelts.

First rule: You want to compare flight tickets quick and easy. This is how you do it.

You should start at Skyscanner. Yes, we know. You have probably seen this a lot with Travel Bloggers, right? There's a reason to this beyond Travel Bloggers wanting to get some comission from an Affiliate Network.


The reason is that Skyscanner's a great first destination when you want to compare cheap plane tickets online!

With 1200 Airlines Companies, Flight Comparing Sites and Travel Agents connected with more joining every day, Skyscanner is a force to be reckon with! 

And to Compare airlines, dates, and prices with Skyscanner is easy!


Remember the first rule? Compare Airfares and Flying Tickets. So we can recommend to start here.


But don't take their word for being the one single, easy solution here. There's more Airlines and Travel Agents then the 1200 ones Skyscanner cover online in the world today. We know, crazy right?

Anyway, Skyscanner is the first comparison flight site we visit ourselves when travel planning. Why?

With that amount of connected Airlines you will get an overview of the expected price on your flying ticket that are very competetive and a good start for the next steps.

Time for the second rule: Spend your time with at least two more searches for cheap flight tickets!


Which website for flight tickets you choose depends on what kind of trip you are doing. We give you two more in this example, with additional ones to choose from in the More Airfares and Flying Ticket Sites listed further down!

Cheap Flights have a great comparing widget, and it could be worth a try. Especially when you fly domestic in US Cheap Flights will find the Airlines with the cheapest flight tickets for you; quick and easy.

But of course Cheap Flights also work on International Flights! 

We can really recommend to grab real cheap flights on Kiwi! Especially for Nomads, Globetrotters and Wanderlusters!


Their idea with Go NOMAD is for you who are kind of date and/ or location independent. Or when you doing Travel Plans, you can go adventureous, letting their system combine and mix up different fly routes and discover some new destinations - at the cheapest airfares possible! (Also check out Plane Tickets with Stop Over from further down!)

Travel Plan with Go NOMAD and be amazed to see how easy you can Travel on a Budget! And with the bonus of experience more on your travels!

Third rule: Make a quick check with the actual Airline you found in your search for the cheapest Airline Ticket. Almost all Airlines have somekind of Loalty Program so if you have a favourite one, join and start earning bonus points and flights!


Many Airlines also have their own Last Minute or Deals sections on their sites when you search destinations and flying tickets - and the flying deals are often available only on the official Airline site. And of course, if you register with your favourite Airline site you probably can earn points, rewards and discounts on booked flights in the future. 

It's always good to be a loyal customer so always consider joining a loyalty program with your favourite Airline!

Ok, let us do a round up with three easy rules for finding flight tickets sites, making search for flight tickets easy and naturally finding where to buy flight tickets cheap online!

3 Easy Rules to find Cheap Flight Tickets Online


#1 Start your search with a HUGE Flight Ticket Comparing Site like Skyscanner

#2 Do at least two more searches for Cheap Airfare

#3 Compare your search result for the Cheapest Flying Tickets with the official Airline Sites Loyalty Program

The Flying Ticket comparing sites above are our own three choices we use ourselves right now when comparing Airfares but of course you should find your favourite ones. To make it easier for you we have listed more Travel sites that compare flight tickets or where to buy cheap flight tickets at the end of this Guide!

But first some more about booking techniques for getting plane tickets at the lowest price possible!

When is the Best Time to book Flight Tickets?


To really know when it's the best time to book flight tickets, you constantly have to compare flights. Even when you're not planning to travel. Say what?

Yes. seriously.

Only if you are aware of how seasons, holidays, days of the week, airline policy, travellers buying habits and other factors effecting how Airlines price their flights - you can find the Best Travel Deals and do the best Flight Ticket Purchases! 

When is the best time to book a flight? When is the best time to buy airline tickets? We have learned there's a difference here that most people doesn't think about when trying to find cheap flight tickets.

The best time to book a flight is not the same as the cheapest day to fly! More about that later.

There's a ton of sites comparing flight tickets online. What we usually do is to go for one with a lot of connected airlines but that's the easy part to find. 

Now the trickiest part; When is the ultimate time to buy a flight at the lowest price?

The Infographic from CheapAir is really interesting! Even if it seems to be out of date; with 2015 flight search data, nothing has really changed in how we buy plane tickets or how the Airlines price their airfares since then. 2019 shows almost the exact same data and days ahead.

What we also do know is that competition between Airlines have become harder for each year, so with that said you still can expect to find the cheapest flying tickets in the Prime Booking Window.

The Prime Booking Window for Flight Tickets and Airfares is 112 - 21 days in advance!


But there's more to it!


Over the whole year The Ultimate Days Ahead for Buying Flight Tickets is 54!

In the Winter Season it's 62 days. In Spring 90 days. If you planning a Summer Vacay you should book Plane Tickets 47 days in advance. And finally in the Autumn the magic number is 69. Quick math though give you an average of 67? 


If you plan a vacation on a three-day holiday or weekend you should book your flight between 28 - 21 days ahead if flying domestic. 

Cheapest day to Fly!


What are cheapest day to fly then? Are Flight Tickets Cheaper on Tuesday? Cheaper Flight Tickets on Wednesday? It's all really tricky question.


We have dived into insights from the airline business, booking airfare services and the online information to find the best way to compare flights over the week. This is what we found.

To book an Airplane Ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday was a good way to get Flight Tickets for cheap for a long time. Some say it still is the cheapest day to fly!


However, that have changed dramatically with the increase of Business Travellers booking Flights all days during the week.


Some reports say that Sundays now are the best day to fly if you want to fly cheap because of that!


Other reports say you can pretty much buy cheap flight tickets all days of the week. We guess the answer is that there's not a specific day that stands out.


But you really should compare. Always compare. Days of the week is no exception! 


Plane Tickets with Stop Over

What is a Stop-Over? It might be one of the best Travel Hacks ever if you want to experience more on your vacation - adding an additional country or location on your trip toward your prior destination!

A Stop Over is always at least 24 hours, always enough to experience your bonus stop - and maybe adding another destination on your countries travelled!

So lets write something about AirWander!

AirWander is the only flight metasearch engine that show free overnight stays, and multi-day stopovers when searching for cheap flights! You can add a number of stopovers of your choice.


The service have often been covered by International Press which describes it as an unique product changing the travel industry for the better for everyone involved. We agree that this is something you should consider when travel planning!

Best of all? It will save you money! 

Searches for cheaper flights shows a result with huge discounts and the average saving is as much as 45% for flights when a stopover is chosen with predicted savings for you and a bonus destination for 24 hours or longer!

See more of the world for less money with AirWander!


FAQ about Flight Tickets

The more you travel, the more you get travel experience for sure. But even well-travelled people often have questions about Flight Tickets!

That's why we decided to have a FAQ about Flight Tickets in this Flight Guide. So beneath you can find the top questions about travelling by Air besides the one we already answered above!

How many Types of Flight Tickets are there?

Well, to begin with it's a slight difference between flight tickets and airfares, so depending what we mean by "types" there can be two ways to answer.


There's two kind of Airfares; unpublished and published fares. Unpublished fares are only visable by chosen travel agents and are also called private fares, wholesale fares and consolidators airfares. The published ones are for instance Apex fares (discount international fares purchased in advance), Discount fares (sold during a limited time only), Unrestricted/ Flexible/ Full/ Walk-Up fares (works as a benchmark and usually full fare price), Joint fare (when two or more airlines work together to get you to your destination), Through Fare (Flying through a Gateway City, with no extra charge for a transfer stop), Beareavement fares (usually last minute fares available just until take off - often with at least a 50% discount), Open-Jaw fares (a return ticket that isn't your arrived destination when returning), Multi-City fares (Single tickets that can be for instance a type of "round the world ticket" with multiple layovers that can be turned into stopovers. Layovers are stays under 12 hours and a stopover are always over 12 hours) and finally Infant/ Child/ Senior fares a child is classified as an infant up to 24 moths and a child is between two and 11 years).

So what is the difference between fares and tickets? Fare is a flying route and the ticket is the piece of paper (well, nowdays more likely a file on your mobile phone/ cell phone) taking you on that route, and the Flying Ticket can have different letter mark ups.


These are the most common ones: F or P usually stands for First Class, J or C is for Business Class, Y is almost always the mark-up for full-fare Economy Class. If your Flying Ticket have the letters B, H, L, M etc these represents subclasses like Discount fares, Restricted fares or likewise. Each Airline use these letters differently with different meanings. X, U, R are often letters used by Fare Consolidators.

How many Flight Tickets are sold each year?

The amount of flying tickets sold each year is huge! The airline industry has been steadily increasing in both the number of airlines operating in the world as a whole and in available flight routes since the early 2000’s!


It's predicted and expected that the number of flights will reach 40 million in the end of 2019 - and that's just commercial flights! So to anwer how many flying tickets that are sold we need to deep dive into each and everyone of the Airlines Reports. We haven't done that, sorry. With 40 MILLION flights a year...our minds are blown! Any guesses?

Can Flight Tickets be Cancelled? And are Flight Tickets Refundable?

The rule in the U.S (according to the U.S. Department of Transportation) is that you should be able to cancel a non-refundable ticket and receive a full refund of any airfare booked in the United States, without any cancellation fees or penalties, as long as youhave booked your ticket 7 days ahead of your flight and you do so within 24 hours of booking. Outside the U.S you have to check with your Airline, but it's a common praxis.

Can Flight Tickets be Transferred to another person?

Sometimes in rare situations you are able to transfer your ticket to another person, but it's more common that you have to pay a fee to cancel the ticket being able to reissue in someone elses name. Airlines policies are different. Again, you really have to check with your airline!

Can flight tickets be extended? Can flight tickets be rescheduled? Can flight tickets be postponed?

These question is surprisingly very often asked. You can change or cancel your flights but it depends greatly on the airline involved. Many airlines have penelty fees for changing your flight ticket, anything between $0 to approx $400 depending on your original flight fare and if it's a domestic or international flight. Unfourtanly there's no such thing as a postponed flying ticket; you have to reschedule your flight and buy a new flying ticket on your wanted flight date.

Is there Flight Tickets for Senior Citizens?

Nowdays, cheaper flying tickets for senior travellers isn't that common anymore. But there's still some major airlines that have senior airfare discounts, so it can be a good thing to check with the airline of your choice. Most common if so, is a 10% discount off the original full airfare price if you are between 50-65 in the U.S for instance.

Is there Flight Tickets for Infants? Is there Flight Tickets for Kids?

Yes, it's usually a special discount on tickets for both infants and kids on the bigger airlines flying today. With low-priced airlines you have to check their policy on their sites. 


An Infant is often considered to be up to 24 months and not in need of an own flying seat, sitting on a parents knee. Domestic flights in the U.S often offer to fly for free if your baby is under 2 year and are sitting in a passengers lap.


Kids, or children usually have a discount on the full flying price if they're 12 years or younger and are provided with a flying seat, but it vary widely.

Is there Flight Tickets for Dogs and other Pets?

There's at least 7 major airlines within the U.S that allows pets like smaller dogs, cats and house-hold birds to travel in the cabin. The fee is anything between $75 to $200 depending on airline.


If a pet needs to travel in the hold, warm-blooded animals can't travel longer then 12 hours. In some rare cases the Airline can even allow you to place your pet in it's carrier if it fits under the seat infront of you. Then it's essentially a carry-on bagage, but it's more an exception then a rule.

Why are Flight Tickets so Expensive? Or should it be Why are Flight Tickets cheap?

Well, there's several reasons to why Flight Tickets are Expensive, some really obvious like feul, staff costs and keeping a fleet safe to travel with. But for this Cheap Flight Ticket Guide it's more relevant to ask Why Flight Tickets are Cheap!


Flying Ticket change price many times from first published on the Airline site or Travel Agent until take off! An average of 62 times is crazy (but true for domestic flights in America!) and at some point when plane tickets will be cheapest someone's getting the best flight deal!

So our "The Ultimate Hack for Cheap Flight Tickets" could be the solution to find those Flight Deals quicker! 


More Airfares and Flight Ticket Sites

Lets have a look at some more Airfare, Flight Tickets and Airline Sites that are popular starting points when looking for the cheapest way possible when travelling. And actually another favourite of ours; Momondo!

Momondo have a quick, easy navigated and great looking search widget! We have used Momondo a lot travelling from Sweden and have found fantastic flying deals through their service. Totally recommended.

Qatar Airline was established in 1997 in Doha, so it's still a "young" global airline serving over 150 Destinations  on all six continents! The Airline have aircrafts of the latest generation in their fleet and Qatar earns awards all the time, which have made them quickly becoming one of the best Airlines to fly with when it comes to flying comfortable, eating great Airplane Food and getting some of the best audio and video entertainment onboard the flights.


Qatars reputation have earned them a 5 star rating at Skytrax and is one of the fastest growing airlines today!

U.K based Icelolly have a useful option in their Flying Ticket Search Widget; multiple airports. With several airports nearby this feature can be a real moneysaver!

Beside Cheap Plane Tickets, the comparison platform Icelolly also provide the best deals onholidays and vacationin the UK, on Cruises and Package Travel!

Well, you can see in our Cheap Flight Ticket Guide that waiting until the Last Minute can be a bad decision. But there's of course another side of the story.

What UK-based Last Minute does is comparing all deals online to find the best price available right now and amazing deals for flights, hotels, holiday tickets, city breaks and more in their one stop shop.

Make your vacation more colorful with a deal from Last Minute!

BookingBuddy is a comparison flight ticket site in the US focusing on domestic and international flights, finding you the best airfares and flying ticket deals. A perfect start to compare airline tickets when living in USA!


The Ultimate Hack for Cheap Flight Tickets

So lets round up our Cheap Flight Ticket Guide with revealing what we think is The Ultimate Hack for buying Cheap Flight Tickets online today!


Thanks for reading and let us know if you enjoyed this part of our One-Stop Travel Shop. Was it helpful? Any feedback is appreciated!

Sticks & Spoons Check List for finding Cheap Flight Tickets 

  1. Always Compare and Compare All Ways! Find at least 3 Flight Ticket Comparison Sites you love and compare your wanted Flying Routes with all of them. Even when not travelling to learn more about the best time to book plane tickets.

  2. Explore More Locations with Stop Over Destinations! Check your Airfare with a Stop-Over Widget and you might be surprised with a better price and a boosted travel experience.

  3. Be Loyal, Gather Points and Get Rewarded! Find your favourite Airline(s) and be a loyal customer joining their Airline Reward Program. If you pay Travels with a debit or credit card you can even get a better reward too!

  4. Check the Airfares with the Airlines from Your Search Results! Sometimes you can get an equal or better Flight Deal exclusivly on the Airlines Official Site – especially if you have a Loyalty or Points Account connected.

  5. Learn Best Time to Book and Best Day to Fly – and Why! Stay updated with the Travel Industry and the Travellers behaviours and actions when booking cheap flight tickets in the future, because it will save you money for sure.


If you follow the checklist above it will save you money. It’s a promise from us.


Because if you combine your new information about flight tickets in our ”Cheap Flight Tickets”-Guide on how and when to purchase them cheap together with your own knowledge when you’re travelling by air, your personal travel hacks and travel inspiration found online – you will be a flight tickets pro, haunting down the best flight ticket deals in no-time and save a lot of money!


Money that can be a new travel budget with a new travel plan and new destinations to be explored!


Safe Travels – Stay Awesome!


Are there Black Friday Flight Deals?

Will there be Black Friday Flight Sales? The Answer is YES! Many Airlines and Comparison Flight Sites have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flight Deals!


The time is limited to grab the best prices so we can recommend to compare flight prices this Thanksgiving weekend and start Travel Planning!

That also answers the Question: When is Black Friday Flight Deals and when do Black Friday Flight deals start? Thanksgiving Deals are an Online Phenomena and you can get huge discounts and deals on Flight Tickets (and more) this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can use the links above to find the Best Black Friday Deals on Flights but head over to our page "Travel Deals Right Now" where we have a Black Friday Travel Deals Special right now!

Hope You get Great Black Friday Deals Everyone!

(...and don't forget to compare deals!)

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